Sunday, March 27, 2016

What is Blasphemy?

If you have your own idea of which way you want to live your life, it can be hurtful if others say you are wrong, and laugh at, and criticise that which you consider to be good and honourable. Generally you have to get on with life. Where religion is concerned International law says you have rights which allow you to follow the path in life you chose, providing it is legal, and other people are required to allow you that. So now you have your religion when others say you are wrong, and laugh at, and criticise that which you consider to be good and honourable you can incite the Blasphemy laws of your country.

Even though we are a Christian country we can, if we chose, be Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Janeist, Jedi, or even Atheist. You can chose to be whatever you want it’s your right. Of course Blasphemy is a law that takes away that right.

It is illegal to adversely comment on someone else’s religion, blasphemous! Here in England it is doubtful that that could happen with Christians. In some counties you can be taken to court for trial of this ‘capital’ crime. Certain proponents of religion use Blasphemy laws to get even in petty domestic disputes. This can’t happen here in the UK, but in many countries people die for supposedly committing this crime.

Blasphemy law, by its very nature, is an infringement on freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech. Any religion or life style that cannot survive criticism is itself on shaky ground. In Islam if, as a Christian, you are accused of blasphemy you can avoid punishment by converting and becoming a Muslim. Islam is a cult where there is no compulsion to be a part, yet if you are accused and refuse to convert you could well be HUNG by the neck until dead (This is currently the case in Pakistan).

The oddity is that even tough people accuse you of blasphemy they cannot give evidence in court because to do so would be blasphemous repeating what you said. No witness testimony is, in any civilised country, a good enough reason to throw the case out of court. However in Pakistan once someone has accused you no Judge wants to be seem to be lenient so he will draw out the case for years hoping that people will forget about it. He will do this because if the accusers don’t like his judgement they will kill him.

So as an atheist is it possible to be a blasphemer?

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