Thursday, October 01, 2015


I don’t give a shit about democracy when it comes to that paedophile worshiping terrorist/coward Anjem Choudary. This is a man who though he hates us here in GB is  living off our hard earned cash to the tune of £25,000 a year tax free. You and I are giving this hate preacher a salary while he plots to kill innocent people. His ‘rights’ are of no importance whatsoever.
The face of Islamic EVIL
This man thinks we owe him while all the time he is plotting to kill real British people. Our government should run him out of the country now. There are 70 Islamic Republics in the world let him pick one and go there.  He is not worth the ink in the bill of rights.
How dare this government allow this violent racist to stay in our country and pay him while he plots to kill real British subjects.
He may have been born here and educated here but he will never be British. He lacks the fundamental properties of a Brit.  He is by association a child abuser, by faith a terrorist, by his own voice an enemy of the state.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see that guy try his nonsense in Russia. They know how to deal with the likes of him.

Maffi said...

Is that you comrad Paul

Anonymous said...

He can try here to, we Americans have guns I can hunt deer or Muslims, worshipers of the false prophet would be more fun
wonder how much to get it mounted?