Thursday, September 24, 2015

Limit Freedom of expression

Limit freedom of expression that’s what muslim opponents of Charlie Hebdo are saying. I think they are right! My freedom of expression should be limited to the number of words I can write on any given topic in my life time.

In Islam it is forbidden to portray the Paedophile Prophet. Those people who chose to follow the flawed teachings of the PP are bound by that rule. They think that Charlie Hebdo should not be publishing such things as jokes about the PP. They are entitled to their thoughts. But I do not follow the PP or the Koran so that rule does not apply to me. I think the Koran is an abomination to the west and should be treated by those of us in the west that value our freedoms in the same way as they wish to treat the Hebdo magazine.

The muslims we hear about the most, are those that are sexual deviants. The rapists and the child molesters. Why do we hear about them? First off because there are so many of them. And because they seem to think they have the right to rape and molest because it is in their culture. I agree it maybe, but their culture doesn’t belong here. If this is the way they wish to carry on there are 70 odd Muslim States where this is acceptable behaviour We should repatriate the to one of those. It is not acceptable here, nor should it ever be.

If you come into my house you do not put your feet on the furniture if you do I will ask you to leave.

If it is acceptable to limit my freedom then we must also limit the freedom of the PP. His so called teachings are fairy stories, probably dreamed up whilst high on Qat, I mean really talking ants and flying ponies. Reading the qura’an, (and I have read it) is like reading the words of someone who is out of touch with reality. As a guide to desert survival it probably works, but as a way of life in the modern world it really is a non-starter.

What muslims should be striving for is to free their own thoughts. To get away from the koran which is a people controller and make their own decisions in life . Think for themselves. If god has all the answers and we are made in the image of god then we have all the answers too.

I cannot believe that any god of any religion wants all those who don’t believe to die at the hands of their followers. It makes no sense, especially not a god of peace. How silly does that sound?



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