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Middle Easterners and Africans are overrepresented as rapists in the Nordic Countries

Sweden – Rapists from the Middle East and Africa overrepresented up to 23x compared to natives.

Finland – Rapists from the Middle East overrepresented 13x whilst Africans are
overrepresented 12x compared to natives.

Norway – In Oslo, 2007-2010, 100% of perpetrators convicted of assault rape had non-Western Background and were often asylum seekers.

Denmark – 51.5% of convicted rapists had immigrant background, with Iraqis, Iranians, Turks, and Somalis, being dramatically overrepresented.

Source: Fria Tider – Mohamed fann Jesus efter våldtäkten – får stanna trots att han dömts till utvisning.

Thursday, October 01, 2015


I don’t give a shit about democracy when it comes to that paedophile worshiping terrorist/coward Anjem Choudary. This is a man who though he hates us here in GB is  living off our hard earned cash to the tune of £25,000 a year tax free. You and I are giving this hate preacher a salary while he plots to kill innocent people. His ‘rights’ are of no importance whatsoever.
The face of Islamic EVIL
This man thinks we owe him while all the time he is plotting to kill real British people. Our government should run him out of the country now. There are 70 Islamic Republics in the world let him pick one and go there.  He is not worth the ink in the bill of rights.
How dare this government allow this violent racist to stay in our country and pay him while he plots to kill real British subjects.
He may have been born here and educated here but he will never be British. He lacks the fundamental properties of a Brit.  He is by association a child abuser, by faith a terrorist, by his own voice an enemy of the state.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Limit Freedom of expression

Limit freedom of expression that’s what muslim opponents of Charlie Hebdo are saying. I think they are right! My freedom of expression should be limited to the number of words I can write on any given topic in my life time.

In Islam it is forbidden to portray the Paedophile Prophet. Those people who chose to follow the flawed teachings of the PP are bound by that rule. They think that Charlie Hebdo should not be publishing such things as jokes about the PP. They are entitled to their thoughts. But I do not follow the PP or the Koran so that rule does not apply to me. I think the Koran is an abomination to the west and should be treated by those of us in the west that value our freedoms in the same way as they wish to treat the Hebdo magazine.

The muslims we hear about the most, are those that are sexual deviants. The rapists and the child molesters. Why do we hear about them? First off because there are so many of them. And because they seem to think they have the right to rape and molest because it is in their culture. I agree it maybe, but their culture doesn’t belong here. If this is the way they wish to carry on there are 70 odd Muslim States where this is acceptable behaviour We should repatriate the to one of those. It is not acceptable here, nor should it ever be.

If you come into my house you do not put your feet on the furniture if you do I will ask you to leave.

If it is acceptable to limit my freedom then we must also limit the freedom of the PP. His so called teachings are fairy stories, probably dreamed up whilst high on Qat, I mean really talking ants and flying ponies. Reading the qura’an, (and I have read it) is like reading the words of someone who is out of touch with reality. As a guide to desert survival it probably works, but as a way of life in the modern world it really is a non-starter.

What muslims should be striving for is to free their own thoughts. To get away from the koran which is a people controller and make their own decisions in life . Think for themselves. If god has all the answers and we are made in the image of god then we have all the answers too.

I cannot believe that any god of any religion wants all those who don’t believe to die at the hands of their followers. It makes no sense, especially not a god of peace. How silly does that sound?



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What equality?


Excuse me but………… this is not about the women but rather about the inadequacy of Muslim men, who only think in terms of getting sex.

Bangladesh: Islamic jihad group issues international hit list of bloggers, activists and writers

September 23, 2015 6:50 pm
By Robert Spencer

How barbaric. In the United States we don’t murder writers for offending Muslims. Instead, we excoriate them as “racist,” “bigoted” “Islamophobes,” accuse them of all manner of offenses, no matter how wild the charge, and ostracize them in the name of “dialogue,” “multiculturalism,” “public safety” or whatever works. You see, we are much more civilized.

Ansarullah Bangla Team

“Militant group publishes global hitlist of bloggers, activists and writers,” by Jason Burke, Guardian, September 23, 2015:

An Islamic militant group in Bangladesh has issued a hitlist of secular bloggers, writers and activists around the world, saying they will be killed if its demands are not met.

The list will raise fears that Islamic militant violence within the unstable south Asian country could take on an international dimension.

The targets in the list include nine bloggers based in the UK, seven in Germany, two in the US, one in Canada and one in Sweden. Some are Bangladeshi citizens living overseas. Others are dual nationals or citizens of the western nations.

The list was issued in a statement on the internet by the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), a group that has been blamed for a series of murders of bloggers and activists in Bangladesh over the last 18 months. All those killed have been prominent critics of extremist religious doctrines, especially in Islam.

The acting leader of the ABT and two close associates were arrested earlier this month in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a secular blogger earlier this year….

“Our weapon is [the] pen, and we can use it without hurting anybody. We just want to make people conscious about their rights. So that nobody can use them to fulfill bad intentions,” said Ananya Azad, a Bangladeshi blogger who has been forced into exile in Europe and is on the list.

There has been no previous indication that the ABT was targeting bloggers overseas and the list will worry security authorities in Europe and the US….

It is unclear if the ABT has the capability to carry out their threats, but its call for action may prompt individuals to mount “lone wolf” attacks.

Police have charged an ABT organiser and four supporters with the murder of a 27-year-old blogger, Washiqur Rahman, in Dhaka in March.

Rahman’s death came just weeks after a Bangladesh-born American atheist blogger was murdered in Dhaka by machete-wielding attackers.

The murder in February of Bangladeshi-born US citizen Avijit Roy, a science writer and blog moderator, prompted outrage around the world. His US-based widow is among those named on the new list the group appear to have issued.

Officials suspect the ABT is close to the Ansar ul-Islam organisation, which is part of al-Qaida in south Asiaand launched by the extremist organisation about a year ago.

The statement featured a logo comprising a black flag carrying the seal of the prophet Muhammad, often favoured by extremist groups, and the phrase: “We do not forget, we do not forgive” in English.

Al-Qaida has publicly praised violent operations by the ABT and has hailed activists charged with the murder of bloggers as “lions of the international community”.

The new list is accompanied by an incoherent demand to strip bloggers of their citizenship. It appears to be addressed to the government of Bangladesh’s prime minister Sheikh Hasina, though many of those on the hitlist have dual nationality or are citizens of Britain, the US or European nations.

“Cancel the Bangladeshi citizenship of enemies of Islam and [Muslim religious] education, atheists, apostates, unbelievers, anti-Islamic … bloggers, agents of India … otherwise they will be killed wherever they can be found in the Almighty’s world,” said the statement.

The origin of the list is unclear, and some have doubted it is an official statement from the ABT in Bangladesh, but instead compiled or published from the UK or elsewhere in the west….

Authorities in Dhaka have been previously criticised for requesting local bloggers and activists to avoid provocative statements on sensitive religious issues.

Human Rights Watch, the international campaigning group, last month called for the government “to recall that its duty is to uphold the constitution and protect people’s lives, as well as their religious freedom”.

“It’s shocking that Bangladesh authorities not only failed to protect the bloggers despite complaints to the police about threats against them, but instead are proposing self-censorship,” said the spokesperson….

Why is that so shocking? That’s exactly what happened to Pamela Geller and me in the United States to Pamela Geller after jihadis attacked our free speech event in Garland, Texas last May: even people supposedly on the Right, such as Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and presidential candidate Donald Trump recommended we practice self-censorship in the face of violent intimidation, rather than defending the freedom of speech.

Those on the list say they are aware of the dangers of their activism. “I can’t give you assurance that I can’t be hurt here also. Fundamentalists have threatened that they will come and kill me,” said blogger Azad.

“I can’t say that I am fully safe, as the fundamentalists know where I am residing. I can’t say what will happen in future, but I can give you this assurance that I will write until the end of my life.”

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