Saturday, January 09, 2010

IISLAM, peaceful?

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2010.01.08 (Khyber, Pakistan) - Three children are among five civilians murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber outside a mosque.
2010.01.08 (Bajaur, Pakistan) - Two people are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.01.08 (Karachi, Pakistan) - Five mourners at a funeral are shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2010.01.07 (Khanaqin, Iraq) - Three Iraqis are cut down by a Jihadi bomb.
2010.01.07 (Yala, Thailand) - A man is ripped in two by a Religion of Peace nail bomb.
2010.01.07 (Hit, Iraq) - Women and children are among the dead when Mujahideen detonate planted bombs around the bedrooms of four homes.

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