Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mosque inquiry will cost taxpayers £100k

Taxpayers will pick up a £100,000 bill for the planning inquiry which resurrected plans for a Black Country mosque, it has been revealed.

The cost of the four-day hearing will be met by Dudley Council after the Government’s planning inspectorate overturned its decision to reject the £18 million proposal.

The authority was forced to hire security staff to police the summit at the inspector’s request - but will not receive a penny from Whitehall to cover costs.

The decision to allow the appeal for the project in Hall Street, Dudley, was this week announced after the public inquiry in June.

Dudley Council boss David Caunt described the decision as a “sad day” for local democracy saying it ignored the 22,000 people who signed a petition in opposition.

And Councillor Caunt said that the £100,000 bill rubbed salt in the wound.

“I’m very frustrated that a one man government-appointed judge and jury can turn up, listen to the arguments for four days and drive around the borough before coming to the conclusion that he knows better than the locals." The councillor added: “And then we have to pick up the bill for it".

“The security was requested by the inspector himself, but we have to pay,” he went on to say. The council chief warned the price of the inquiry could even run over the authority’s initial £100,000 estimate because of the tight security measures.

Work on the mosque, featuring a 65-feet minaret, could start before Christmas. However the plans could yet be scuppered by a land-swap deal which states that the building must be “substantially” built by the end of the year.

Dudley Muslim Association now has outline planning permission for the scheme, but still needs to submit a detailed application which the council has up to 13 weeks to determine.

When the site was transferred to the association in 2003 there was a legal agreement that if the project was not “substantially” completed by the end of this year the land would be returned to the council. Muslim leaders have called for an extension to the deadline.

Mushtaq Hussain, secretary of Dudley Muslim Association, said: “We always maintained the condition was subject to us getting planning permission and having a reasonable and realistic time to get the project completed".

Monday, February 16, 2009


Wealthy bride's kin allegedly killed poverty-stricken groom's relatives

PATNA, India - Eight members of a man's poverty-ridden family were shot and beheaded before their bodies were thrown into a river in eastern India after he secretly married a wealthy girl, police said Wednesday.

Police in the eastern state of Bihar found the eight bodies floating in a river and have charged 15 people, mostly from the girl's family, with the murders. The weekend killing took place after 21-year-old Ratan Mandal eloped with 18-year-old Kanchan Kumari, afraid their families would never approve due to an old social rivalry.

"The girl's family invited the boy's family for a meeting on the pretext of settling the dispute, but killed all eight and beheaded them," said Raghunath Prasad Singh, a senior police officer from Bhagalpur, where the incident took place. Lawless region Bhagalpur, one of India's most lawless regions, has been notorious for revenge and honor killings. Men and women are still murdered across the villages of eastern and northern India for daring to marry outside their caste.

In May last year, a young couple was murdered by the girl's family in northern India for marrying within the same village, considered taboo in many communities.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paki or Brit

Am I right in thinking that PAKI is short for Pakistani? Just an abbreviation?
Prince Harry calls a mate "Our little Paki friend" and is forced to apologise two years later. This guy was a mate of his for heaven's sake! Am I right in thinking that "Brit" is short for British?

Should the SunNewspaper be forced to apologise every time it prints the word Brit or The Brits are coming? Is the word Brit offensive? Is "Scot" Offensive? "The Scots are coming". Another Sun Newspaper Football Clash Headline classic. What about Ozzie? Kiwi? Pommie? Limey? Where or when will this lunacy end?

The Cornish call all holiday makers "Grockles" Anything wrong with that? If a Pakistani called you "His Brit friend" Would you feel offended? Would you demand an apology on National TV? Of course not. Del Trotter refers to "The Paki Shop" in one episode of Only Fools and Horses. (Now overdubbed for UK Gold with the offending word taken out - the episode is when they build a nuclear fall out shelter). Should Sir David Jason now apologise? Should the writer John Sullivan apologise? Should the BBC apologise? What about the Fuzzywuzzies? "Dads Army" What about "You stupid Kraut"? Fawlty Towers . Both still being broadcast regularly with no overdub.

The Idiots are at it again trying to stir up racial hatred. It's just madness surely? I'm happy being a BRIT, BRITISH, ENGLISH, POMMIE, LIMEY or whatever. I don't care a fig. I only care when I'm called a racist. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEARS "BRIT AWARDS" ON THE TV. LUCKILY,THANKS TO THE ZEALOTS, RACISTS AND BIGOTS THERE WILL NEVER BE A "PAKI AWARDS". Oh no indeed, because all the Pakis will be at The Brit Awards. And us Brits won't mind at all will we?

There's something rotten in the barrel and nobody in government or local politics has the guts to stand up and say " GROW UP THE LOT OF YOU". If you agree then pass this on. If not then you still have the Democratic right to ignore it ............. (well for the time being anyway)!

Monday, February 02, 2009


The Palestine you are encouraged to see looks like this

However there is a Palestine they dont want you to see and it looks like this