Sunday, December 20, 2009

This shit can be stopped

These criminals can be stopped.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Borders PAH!!!

Greenpeace, limp wristed lefties,veggies, vegans and a whole host of other save the planet types have jumped on the band wagon of the NO BORDERS Brigade, who as far as I can work out have the idea that we should open our borders to all and sundry.

Fine idea except its a one way street. Open our borders and every one will come here and swamp us, bankrupting our benefit system. Corrupting our culture. and generally lowering our standards. Having been to some of the places that would dump their unwanted on us I don’t think there will be a rush of westerners wanting to go to the shit pits of the world. Net result we suffer. 

On the other hand we could export all the Greenpeace, limp wristed lefties,veggies, vegans and a whole host of other save the planet types to these places and give them an education in why there NO BORDERS policy is a non starter.

This is not a racist rant it is simple common sense. This is a small island. What we have here was paid for with the blood of our soldiers on many occasions. It didn’t just get given to us. It was earned. It is unfair that anyone should be able to just step off a plane and expect to take from us what we and our fore fathers bled for and paid taxes for, for centuries. Our lives as we have them now were not cheap.

I am not saying foreign nationals are not entitled to a better life but they could try fighting for it at home instead of coming here and overloading our system. When our society collapses they will all bugger of home and leave us to the wolves.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A nation of peados

12-year old Girl Dies During Childbirth
Associated Press
September 14, 2009
SAN'A, Yemen -- A 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said Saturday.
Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles (223 kilometers) west of the capital San'a.
Child marriages are widespread in Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country, where tribal customs dominate society. More than a quarter of the country's females marry before age 15, according to a recent report by the Social Affairs Ministry.
Youssef was only 11 when her father married her to a 24-year-old man who works as a farmer in Saudi Arabia, said Ahmed al-Quraishi, chairman of Siyaj human rights organization, which promotes the rights of children in Yemen.
Al-Quraishi said that he stumbled upon Youssef in the hospital while investigating cases of children who had fled from the fighting in the north.
"This is one of many cases that exist in Yemen," said al-Quraishi. "The reason behind it is the lack of education and awareness, forcing many girls into marriage in this very early age.
"Impoverished parents in Yemen sometimes give away their young daughters in return for hefty dowries. There is also a long-standing tribal custom in which infant daughters and sons are promised to cousins in hopes it will protect them from illicit relationships, he said.
Al-Quraishi said there are no statistics to show how many marriages involving children are performed every year.
The issue of child brides vaulted into the headlines here two years ago when an 8-year-old Yemeni girl went by herself to a courtroom and demanded a judge dissolve her marriage to a man in his 30s. She eventually won a divorce, and legislators began looking at ways to curb the practice.
In February, parliament passed a law setting the minimum marriage age at 17. But some lawmakers are trying to kill the measure, calling it un-Islamic. Before it could be ratified by Yemen's president, they forced it to be sent back to parliament's constitutional committee for review.
Such marriages also occur in neighboring oil-rich Saudi Arabia, where several cases of child brides have been reported in the past year, though the phenomenon is not believed to be nearly as widespread as in Yemen.
EXCUSE ME BUT . . . . . . . THis sort of thig is bound to happen when you lord ad glorify the name of a pedophile as your spiritual leader . . Mohammed.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

US father guilty of prayer death.

Man found guilty over death of his daughter for praying rather than seeking medical help.

A man accused of killing his 11-year-old diabetic daughter by praying instead of seeking medical care has been found guilty of second-degree reckless homicide.

Dale Neumann, 47, was convicted over the March 23, 2008, death of his daughter, Madeline, from undiagnosed diabetes.

Prosecutors argued he should have rushed the girl to a hospital because she could not walk, talk, eat or drink.

Instead, Madeline died on the floor of the family's rural home as people surrounded her and prayed. Someone called an ambulance when she stopped breathing.

Neumann, who once studied to be a Pentecostal minister, testified that he believed God would heal his daughter and he never expected her to die. God promises in the Bible to heal, he said.

"If I go to the doctor, I am putting the doctor before God," Neumann testified. "I am not believing what he said he would do."

Excuse me but . . . . did it never occur to this joker that if God made everything then he made doctors. Going to the doctor is not putting the doctor before God but simply using one of his tools.

This idiot deserves to go to jail.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winning is all

A small schoolboy at the sports day breaks the winning line with his egg still on his spoon. Overjoyed at his prowess as racing balancer of eggs he raises his arms in the air pronouncing for all present that he is the WINNER!

A teacher witnessing this takes the lad to one side and totally destroys his moment. "There are no winners its just a bit of fun", she says.

This does not make the slowcoach at the back feel any less last. Everyone knows he/she was last. All that has been achieved is one 5 year old's moment of glory has been dashed by some teacher with her PC head up her arse.

Its no wonder that our children are failing if we are teaching them that winning is not important.

Winning is the most important thing we have. It means that someone was the first to discover penicillin, it means that some one was first to discover X-rays, it means that someone was the first to find a cure for a cancer; it means that someone was first to invent anesthetic . . . . need I go on.

Winning is important to me. Had someone not had the enthusiasm to say we can do this and discovered inert optical plastics I would be blind.

We don't speak German because we won the war. We will loose the peace if we don't win anymore.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Women flogged for wearing trousers

Police in Sudan have arrested 13 women in a raid on a cafe and flogged 10 of them in public for wearing trousers in violation of the country's strict Islamic law, one of those arrested has said.

The 13 women were at a cafe in the capital, Khartoum, when they were detained on Friday by officers from the public order police, which enforces the implementation of Sharia law in public places.

One of those arrested on Friday, journalist Lubna Hussein, said she is challenging the charges, which can be punishable by up to 40 lashes.

"I didn't do anything wrong," said Ms Hussein.

Islamic Sharia law has been strictly implemented in Sudan since the ruling party came to power in a 1989 military coup.

The force randomly enforces an alcohol ban and often scolds young men and women mingling in public. Public order cases usually involve quick summary trials with sentences carried out shortly afterward, as was the case with 10 of the women arrested on Friday. They were flogged and fined 250 Sudanese pounds (£74).

Ms Hussein and two other women chose to go to trial. On Monday she was summoned for questioning and now awaits a decision from the prosecutor on when the case could go to trial.

Women in northern Sudan, particularly in Khartoum, dress in traditional outfits that include a shawl over their head and shoulder. Western dress is uncommon.

Ms Hussein said she decided to speak out because flogging is a practice many women endure in silence. She even sent printed invitations to the press and public figures to attend her expected trial.

"Let the people see for themselves. It is not only my issue," she said. "This is retribution to thousands of girls who are facing flogging for the last 20 years because of wearing trousers. They prefer to remain silent."
Excuse me but . . . . . . . Dont think this cant happen here it can and it does. The Islamic Republic of Great Britian is just around the corner.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saudi Judge Blames Women For Domestic Violence

Okays Husbands To Slap Wives

Posted in May 11th, 2009 by Glenn Church in Saudi Arabia
Few countries contrast the twenty-first century with the values of antiquity as Saudi Arabia does. A wealthy, modern state would seem to have a few progressive ideas. Not so with the Saudis.

A Saudi judge has ruled that it is okay for husbands to slap their wives if they spend too much.

That wasn’t all Judge Hamid Al-Razine had to say. He noted, “women’s indecent behavior and use of offensive words against their husbands were some of the reasons for domestic violence in the country.”

Domestic violence is on the rise in Saudi Arabia in recent years. Of course, the woman is to blame.

It would be unthinkable to consider otherwise in a society that does not allow women to drive or men and women to mix in public. Yet, the same society allows a 47-year-old man to marry an 8-year-old girl.

All this is done in the pretext of protecting women or upholding morality. Is there really that much difference between the Saudis and the Taliban? Both cherish oppressive ideologies and suppress women.

Why, yes, there is a difference. The Saudis sell us their oil.

Americans die in Afghanistan with one of the pretenses being the liberation of women from a repressive ideology. In Saudi Arabia, they work with the Saudis to provide the world with oil. For that, the Saudis always get a free ride, unless you are a Saudi woman.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mosque inquiry will cost taxpayers £100k

Taxpayers will pick up a £100,000 bill for the planning inquiry which resurrected plans for a Black Country mosque, it has been revealed.

The cost of the four-day hearing will be met by Dudley Council after the Government’s planning inspectorate overturned its decision to reject the £18 million proposal.

The authority was forced to hire security staff to police the summit at the inspector’s request - but will not receive a penny from Whitehall to cover costs.

The decision to allow the appeal for the project in Hall Street, Dudley, was this week announced after the public inquiry in June.

Dudley Council boss David Caunt described the decision as a “sad day” for local democracy saying it ignored the 22,000 people who signed a petition in opposition.

And Councillor Caunt said that the £100,000 bill rubbed salt in the wound.

“I’m very frustrated that a one man government-appointed judge and jury can turn up, listen to the arguments for four days and drive around the borough before coming to the conclusion that he knows better than the locals." The councillor added: “And then we have to pick up the bill for it".

“The security was requested by the inspector himself, but we have to pay,” he went on to say. The council chief warned the price of the inquiry could even run over the authority’s initial £100,000 estimate because of the tight security measures.

Work on the mosque, featuring a 65-feet minaret, could start before Christmas. However the plans could yet be scuppered by a land-swap deal which states that the building must be “substantially” built by the end of the year.

Dudley Muslim Association now has outline planning permission for the scheme, but still needs to submit a detailed application which the council has up to 13 weeks to determine.

When the site was transferred to the association in 2003 there was a legal agreement that if the project was not “substantially” completed by the end of this year the land would be returned to the council. Muslim leaders have called for an extension to the deadline.

Mushtaq Hussain, secretary of Dudley Muslim Association, said: “We always maintained the condition was subject to us getting planning permission and having a reasonable and realistic time to get the project completed".

Monday, February 16, 2009


Wealthy bride's kin allegedly killed poverty-stricken groom's relatives

PATNA, India - Eight members of a man's poverty-ridden family were shot and beheaded before their bodies were thrown into a river in eastern India after he secretly married a wealthy girl, police said Wednesday.

Police in the eastern state of Bihar found the eight bodies floating in a river and have charged 15 people, mostly from the girl's family, with the murders. The weekend killing took place after 21-year-old Ratan Mandal eloped with 18-year-old Kanchan Kumari, afraid their families would never approve due to an old social rivalry.

"The girl's family invited the boy's family for a meeting on the pretext of settling the dispute, but killed all eight and beheaded them," said Raghunath Prasad Singh, a senior police officer from Bhagalpur, where the incident took place. Lawless region Bhagalpur, one of India's most lawless regions, has been notorious for revenge and honor killings. Men and women are still murdered across the villages of eastern and northern India for daring to marry outside their caste.

In May last year, a young couple was murdered by the girl's family in northern India for marrying within the same village, considered taboo in many communities.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paki or Brit

Am I right in thinking that PAKI is short for Pakistani? Just an abbreviation?
Prince Harry calls a mate "Our little Paki friend" and is forced to apologise two years later. This guy was a mate of his for heaven's sake! Am I right in thinking that "Brit" is short for British?

Should the SunNewspaper be forced to apologise every time it prints the word Brit or The Brits are coming? Is the word Brit offensive? Is "Scot" Offensive? "The Scots are coming". Another Sun Newspaper Football Clash Headline classic. What about Ozzie? Kiwi? Pommie? Limey? Where or when will this lunacy end?

The Cornish call all holiday makers "Grockles" Anything wrong with that? If a Pakistani called you "His Brit friend" Would you feel offended? Would you demand an apology on National TV? Of course not. Del Trotter refers to "The Paki Shop" in one episode of Only Fools and Horses. (Now overdubbed for UK Gold with the offending word taken out - the episode is when they build a nuclear fall out shelter). Should Sir David Jason now apologise? Should the writer John Sullivan apologise? Should the BBC apologise? What about the Fuzzywuzzies? "Dads Army" What about "You stupid Kraut"? Fawlty Towers . Both still being broadcast regularly with no overdub.

The Idiots are at it again trying to stir up racial hatred. It's just madness surely? I'm happy being a BRIT, BRITISH, ENGLISH, POMMIE, LIMEY or whatever. I don't care a fig. I only care when I'm called a racist. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEARS "BRIT AWARDS" ON THE TV. LUCKILY,THANKS TO THE ZEALOTS, RACISTS AND BIGOTS THERE WILL NEVER BE A "PAKI AWARDS". Oh no indeed, because all the Pakis will be at The Brit Awards. And us Brits won't mind at all will we?

There's something rotten in the barrel and nobody in government or local politics has the guts to stand up and say " GROW UP THE LOT OF YOU". If you agree then pass this on. If not then you still have the Democratic right to ignore it ............. (well for the time being anyway)!

Monday, February 02, 2009


The Palestine you are encouraged to see looks like this

However there is a Palestine they dont want you to see and it looks like this