Monday, July 09, 2007

Salman Rushdie

Whether or not you agree Salman Rushdie has been awarded a Knighthood. What I want to know is what has it got to do with the Pakistan Government or its people? More to the point the Pakistan Government statement that made reference positive reference to suicide bombers killing Rushdie puts them in the same league as Al Qaeda. It doesn’t matter that the statement was retracted later, it was made and that is a terrorist act. I am disgusted with their Government saying such things. You can bet your back teeth that there will be those think this is a message for action. The Pakistan Government is nothing short of a terrorist organisation. All the moves Pakistan has made to stamp out terrorists seems to me to be simply a ploy to make them look good in the eyes of the international community. They do not deserve our friendship or help. This is just another example of how Islam is trying to stifle freedoms we in the west enjoy. We should not ignore this threat to our freedom. Know your enemy, whoever he may be!