Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iraq again

Saddam Hussein and his minority ruling Baath party were Sunni Muslims. The new government are majority Shia. Is it any wonder that the Shia are now seeking revenge for the horrors that were visited on them by their tyrannical leader. That anyone can assume that they will play the game by 'our' rules beggars belief. I am not being racist when I say that Arabs are a very tribal people. That which we think of as normal behaviour is not the way that Arabs think. Tribal law is the law of the land not the democracy that we in the west are trying to push on them.

It has been about a year since the world kicked off on protests about the Danish cartoons. Many people (Moslems) were killed in the riots that exploded from the furore. What was it about? Well simply it is supposed to be haram (bad) to make an image of the good old prophet Mohammed or any religious dignitaries. This would this would be very commendable if it wasn't so damned laughable. Visit almost any mosque and you will notice that it is named after the leader. How is this any less idolatrous than pictures of long deceased religious leaders.

We in the west enjoy certain rights and freedoms. These freedoms must be protected. They were long fought for and blood was spilled. If others don’t like the rights and freedoms we enjoy then they should be allowed to vote with their feet. No one is keeping them here. No one is twisting their arm. In fact the rights and freedoms we enjoy they can use to leave us if the cannot tolerate the society we have built.

Personally I think ALL religion is a load of bollocks be it Jews, Catholics, Anglicans, Islam, Buddhists or whoever, even Jehova's Witnesses. Religion is about controlling the little people. Making them do what someone else wants them to do. The way the world is today we cannot afford any kind of religion.

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Bunc said...

Hi Maffi,
I see you got y9our typing finger working again. Totally agree with you about religion - its all a load of old bull and survives simply because most people are too scared to face the prospect that things are just what they are and that there is no other great meaning behind it all/. Lots of folk find this a very scary though and religion gives them a nice little comfort blanket to snuggle into. Amazing how all these "peacful" religions result in their adherents butchering each other. Pop by my blog and leave a comment if you get the time.