Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An' about time too

Our esteemed leader Tony B Liar says," We are a tolerant nation, if you cannot accept that then don't come here". Well good for him. He could have said something sooner, like 1997, but then he has no future as primo so he can afford to make such bold statement. I seem to remember saying some months ago just about the same thing, but then I have no future as primo either.

We are spending £100 million ever year on translating official forms and literature into something like 70 different languages. Well you might ask why we have to help those who don’t understand English and I would tend to agree, but when some one has been drawing benefit for 10 years and still doesn't speak English then you have ask are they taking the piss.

I had reason to take my company to court in a foreign country. My lawyer not only didn't speak to me after the initial interview, he never gave me one piece of official paper in English. When I insisted he told me to, 'go to a translator' at my cost on top of his SR 25,000 fee.

My question is why should we, give people consideration in our country that they deny us in theirs, and more to the point, if they must have the facility, why don’t they pay for it. It is not our fault they can't speak English other than we encourage them not to learn by making it easy for them to live here in lingual oblivion.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sharia Law, crap.

So already there are moslems convening Sharia Courts in the UK to deal with their problems. We should not put up with it. It is against the law. And to paraphrase certain moslems "against our human rights". If you don't like the way we do things here get the out. There are 70 countries in this world that are Islamic states take your pick.
Our system may be flawed but it is our system. Love it or hate it it's what we have. Do not come to my country and try to change a system that has been building since long before your prophet was a violent warring paedophile.