Saturday, October 07, 2006

You what!

A Moslem taxi driver, Abdul Rasheed Majekodunmi, refused to take a blind woman and her dog in his cab because in Islam they are not allowed to contact with such animals. Given that he broke the law, in that he was discriminating against a disabled person, why has he still got a licence?

Jane Vernon complained to his bosses and the owner, Niven Sinclair, refused to listen. He said, "It wasn't very important", and that she should, "have more respect for other people's culture". I would have come back with Islam is not very important either. It's place in the modern world is flawed and unnecessary.

Common sense prevailed and he was fined £200 and ordered to pay £1,200 for failing to comply with the disability act. Yet even after that he was defiant. He stated that he would continue to refuse to carry dogs in his cab. Sounds to me like someone who wants to be an EX taxi driver.

Our law comes before any culture, if Moslems don't like that then I suggest that they may take advantage of our freedom of choice and go to a country that allows such behaviour. We don't want to change our ways, we like England the way it is. If Moslems don't like what we have to offer, why come here in the first place. We have freedoms here that don't exist in Islamic countries. It is such a shame that they come here to escape inhumane regimes and bring all the crap with them.

If you are a Moslem and think I am being racist then you couldn't be more wrong. I write to protect my country from the influx of those that would destroy it. I write to inform that the rot has set in. I write because I have no political voice in our administration. I write because I have the freedom to do so, freedom you would deny me if you ever have the opportunity.


Gloomy said...

I just wanted to say that not all Muslims are like this, we have dogs as pets, to protect our farms and houses. I bet that story is not 100% true, but if it is true then that person is very different and does not understand the true meaning of being a Muslim.

This is the first time I read Excuse me but… and now I know what you meant when you said "I hope it was too offensive". I thought living in Saudi Arabia would teach people about us Saudis and about Islam. I have lived in the U.K. for 8 years and all the Christian people have never said any thing that would hurt me, I also never done anything to offend them. I want you to know that I've studied 2 years in a catholic intermediate school and they treated me very well, they were kind people. I am a person that respects all religions no matter what they believe in and you should at least respect them too. Protecting you country does not come by saying such things. I do not mean to be rude by this is my religion and I have to tell you that not all Muslims are like this.

Maffi said...

Hi G
I know that not all Muslems are like this but unfortunately enough of them are to have a marked effect on the freedoms that we have and that our forefathers shed blood for.

There is however no reason to suppose that the story is flawed. It was bought to the attention of the authorities by the BBC and the fines are comesurate with the law of the land.

The sad thing is that we do not as a country protect ourselves as KSA does. I honestly forsee a time when the forces of evil take our country and turn it into what I consider hell on earth.

I am not trying to be offensive I am just exercising my right to voice my opinion while I still can. At this time I can do this but I feel sure in the next 20/25 years this will not be the case. There are many who would seek to stop me doing so even now, people who do not have the best interests of the UK at heart.

I have no problem with people being who they are, but I do have a problem with people entering my house, so to speak, and laying down their law.

We are a Christian country and we, though not very Christian, like it that way.