Friday, October 20, 2006

Wasted effort

So a mere teaching assistant took a Church of England school to court because they wouldn't let allow her to wear her veil in class. This assistant was assisting in teaching English! How can a person whose job relies on teaching meaning, inflection and sound cover her face and be able to do the job?

She has no right to insist on wearing her veil, it is not in the Quran, these people are just trying to piss everyone off.

Islam does not fit into England very well and it certainly does not fit into a Church school.

There are countries that allow this to happen. So answer me this, if it is so important to wear a veil why are these people not there instead of trying to breakdown our country?

Answer: Because there are not the rich pickings to be had in those countries. Freedom is what one man says it is. Women are not equal and in some places not allowed to work.

I am going to be rude: Piss off!

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