Friday, October 20, 2006

Wasted effort

So a mere teaching assistant took a Church of England school to court because they wouldn't let allow her to wear her veil in class. This assistant was assisting in teaching English! How can a person whose job relies on teaching meaning, inflection and sound cover her face and be able to do the job?

She has no right to insist on wearing her veil, it is not in the Quran, these people are just trying to piss everyone off.

Islam does not fit into England very well and it certainly does not fit into a Church school.

There are countries that allow this to happen. So answer me this, if it is so important to wear a veil why are these people not there instead of trying to breakdown our country?

Answer: Because there are not the rich pickings to be had in those countries. Freedom is what one man says it is. Women are not equal and in some places not allowed to work.

I am going to be rude: Piss off!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

You what!

A Moslem taxi driver, Abdul Rasheed Majekodunmi, refused to take a blind woman and her dog in his cab because in Islam they are not allowed to contact with such animals. Given that he broke the law, in that he was discriminating against a disabled person, why has he still got a licence?

Jane Vernon complained to his bosses and the owner, Niven Sinclair, refused to listen. He said, "It wasn't very important", and that she should, "have more respect for other people's culture". I would have come back with Islam is not very important either. It's place in the modern world is flawed and unnecessary.

Common sense prevailed and he was fined £200 and ordered to pay £1,200 for failing to comply with the disability act. Yet even after that he was defiant. He stated that he would continue to refuse to carry dogs in his cab. Sounds to me like someone who wants to be an EX taxi driver.

Our law comes before any culture, if Moslems don't like that then I suggest that they may take advantage of our freedom of choice and go to a country that allows such behaviour. We don't want to change our ways, we like England the way it is. If Moslems don't like what we have to offer, why come here in the first place. We have freedoms here that don't exist in Islamic countries. It is such a shame that they come here to escape inhumane regimes and bring all the crap with them.

If you are a Moslem and think I am being racist then you couldn't be more wrong. I write to protect my country from the influx of those that would destroy it. I write to inform that the rot has set in. I write because I have no political voice in our administration. I write because I have the freedom to do so, freedom you would deny me if you ever have the opportunity.

Veiled threats!

I can't say I have ever particularly liked Jack Straw. Mainly because he said once that Christians and Moslems can work together. On that I feel he is wrong.

However, his comments on the wearing of hijab veil or burqa are right on the mark. Short of insulting Moslem women it is he who was insulted when a woman in a veil said "It's nice to meet you face to face". It might have been for her but he could not see her face. The constant bleating that 'it is our culture' does not hold water. It is our country and it is not our culture. There is no where in the Qur'an that says women should cover up.

I have lived in the Middle East for most of the last 6 years and although it is not normal for westerners to come into much contact with Arab women it does happen. At the doctors or dentist etc it is the norm for the receptionist to be an Arab lady. Now most people would have no problem understanding the clipped English that these women use, but if you are hard of hearing as I am it is a problem. I need to see and hear what someone is saying. If I can't see the lips then half of my communication reception has gone and understanding is limited.

There is an easy answer to this, I could just ask for a westerner to speak to which would be OK in the Middle East, but not here. Such a request would be met with officious asshoes telling me I am being racist, which is not the case. Far from it, in fact were I a racist I don't think I would have spent so much time living and working in other countries.

I have said before I don't give a shit about the colour of a man's skin, what I care about is his nature, is he a nice guy? Does he mean me any harm? It is sad today that the latter is probably the most important thing when meeting someone new. It cannot be argued that the majority of people who want to hurt me are of Arab/Pakistani appearance. That is not racist, it's a fact of life.

The so called peaceful religion is no more peaceful than water isn't wet. Argue though they may Islam is a problem. It is the express intent of Islam to make the whole world an Islamic State. There will be no elections, it will come to pass. Islam already decides what I can do and say in my own country. Just writing this is a no-no and could have me following in the footsteps of Salmon Rushdie. All I am doing here is voicing my opinion, it is my right, yet there are those that would snuff out my life in an instant for doing so.

In Islamic teaching everyone is a Moslem, it's just that some of us have yet to realise it. This is born out by the fact that a religion that only came into existence 1427 years ago claim that Adam (of Adam & Eve fame [probably 10,000 years ago]) was the first Moslem.

I am not a particularly religious person (I lapsed some years ago), but I resent these new boys on the block stealing a history that was not theirs to steal. We are continuously being told that we must respect other peoples religion but where is it in the rule book that we must respect a thief.

We are often told that we are a multi-cultural country. I would ask when did that happen? When did we cast a vote for this?

This is our country, we have our laws, and we have our customs. As such our laws and customs MUST take precedence over the laws and customs of visitors to this country. Unless this is so there will be bloodshed on the streets of England. It will be a sad day when it happens, but I feel sure it will.

When a senior politician voices an opinion we should listen because like it or not he may be right. Failure to do so will result in every woman wearing a veil and every English man bowing down to pray to some force of evil the like of which most of us cannot imagine.

Call me a scare monger if you like, it's your choice, but be sure when this comes to pass you acknowledge that you read it here first.