Friday, September 22, 2006


So the Pope quoted some medieval writer and offended the muslim community. What has that got to do with England? Why are they protesting in my country and calling for the popes execution? I hope the guilty bastards are arrested and gaoled. In case they didn't know incitement to murder is a crime in the UK.

While we are talking Law breakers, if I walk into a bank or store wearing a M/C crash helmet I will be tempting fate. Why are these Muslim extremists allowed to parade through the streets of London wearing masks? They must be cowards.

I noticed the pope apologised for offending the mossies but he didn't retract what he said!

And now the Mossies say they will bomb the Vatican. Who do they think they are. Just evil followers of a sex crazed violent paedophile, thats who!

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