Friday, September 22, 2006

Child murder
Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Association Critical of Police Handling of Child Murder Investigation
13/04/2006By Manal Homeidan

Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat- An investigation into the death of nine-year-old Saudi girl Ghosoon revealed that she died as a result of torture suffered at the hands of her father during the one year she remained under his custody. Ghosoon's father divorced her mother whilst she was pregnant with Ghosoon, and the child remained with her mother for nine years until Ghosoon's father won custody over her.

Sources informed Asharq Al-Awsat that forensic reports had shown that the child had been tortured as her body was covered with burnt scars and bruises as well as marks indicating the use of handcuffs. Ghosoon's father, who left school at an early age, did not allow her to attend school claiming that she was "mentally unstable," whilst the school's administration argued that Ghosoon had excelled at school.

Sources further highlighted that Ghosoon's father admitted to tormenting his daughter with the help of his second wife who is presently being held at the women's prison in Mecca. Ghosoon's 32 year-old father has been detained at Al-Mansour police station in Mecca.

Excuse me but....... What is really sad about this is that the father thinks that it's OK to do this shit and to a point the Authorities are somewhat complacent about it! In Saudi despite what they say, females are worth less than males and are to a point just possesions.


averroes said...

Today, thursday 17, 2008...the two murderers "father and wife" were executed for killing that 9 year-old girl Ghosoon.

This is a great relief and they got what they deserved. That' justice.

And instead of you blaming the Saudi community, how about you check out the rape and burn to death of the 14 year-old Iraqi girl Abeer by US occupation troops?

The actions of some individuals do not neccesarily represent the majority.

Maffi said...

I agree but I can only speak as I see. I have lived in Saudi and have heard stories from both the papers and the locals.

As for the US troops murder... there can be no excuse for this horendous crime an I hope that the perpetrators spend a long time in gaol.

However moslem fathers tend, though not all, to believe that they 'own' their children and can treat them as they please. We in the west are complacent and allow them to bring this crap with them. There is no room in the west for people that flout our conventions and laws.

averroes said...

Is that why Western people travel to Eastern Asia for sex with children?

Do you know what some Mormon groups in the US do to their children, espeically girls?

How about priests abusing children in churches? If a priest does that, what can you expect from normal people.

You can see my point. Take for instance the 9 year-old girl who was killed by her father. She was killed because he thought she wasn't his. What does that have to do with what you are saying? Didn't you see that American woman who killed all of her 4 children recently? Some people are dumb and mentally distorted, and as we have a share of that, you also do.

The problem only comes when the government does nothing about it, and that's the main difference between the situation in the East and the West. That tortured girl Ghosoon could have been saved if the government was as effective as these in the West. And here is where the problem lies. Otherwise, people's thinking is very similar no matter where they are.

Maffi said...

I agree in the main with what you say however when a nation believe emphatically in a flawed religion and allow their leaders to force it on them the they are all guilty of complicity.

I am glad that the parents of Ghosoon have been rewarded for their crime, but the father and probably his wife will have died believing they were going to heaven. Never understanding that each of us have a right to life as an independent person irrespective of any religious hocus pocus.

Do you have a weblink for the story. Please email me.

averroes said...

I can see that you still don't get my point and appearently you have something against the religion of Islam.

I gave you an instance, when a priest abuses children in the church, is that what Christianity orders its followers to do? No, you don't blame the religion you blame the follower, unless you find a phrase in the Bible that confirms Christianity's responsibility for Child Abuse.

For the case of these parents, no I don't think they died believing that they are entering heaven, because it is well known in Islam that killing one person without a right is like killing all people.

Any ways, here is a link, but it is in Arabic. I don't know if you can find a translation website or something, but there is no English link to the story yet, as to what I know;

Maffi said...

Yes I know all that. Yes I do have something against Islam and its followers.

Evil people read evil books.

Evil people follow evil people.

Evil people are to full of their own self importance.

Islam is the next big problem in the world. It has started already.

averroes said...

Look, I know where your thoughts and ideas about Islam come from. I however know that history for sure stands by our side.

Look at Jerusalem, the crusaders invaded it and they killed everyone, including Arab-Christians. The Muslims freed it and they killed no crusaders, not even most of the fighters.

In Andalus muslims lived peacefully with jews, but when Christians took over they killed both muslims and jews.

You want to judge Islam, don't take the actions of current muslims, take Islam itself, the holy Quran and Hadith.

I know it is a bit confusing, and you might even not care about it, but it is sort of worth the try, especially that Islam is the fastest spreading religion in the world. There must be a reason behind that.

I don't want to preach here, but I just wish you think about it.

Here is a translated and explained copy of the holy Quran, if you care to have a look;

Maffi said...

I have 4 copies of the Qur'aan and many, many books about Islam I have read the Qur'aan and find it to be empty and unfulfilling. It makes a great desert survival book but has no relevance to the modern world.

Islam may well be the fastest growing religion in the world but then Cancer is the fastest growing disease. There is a similarity those who have either, have no choice.

It is a matter of statistical fact that those countries which "embrace" Islam are the poorest and have the most down trodden people in the world. They have the worst human rights record of almost any country.

Saudi is the heart of Islam but they treat other nationalities of the Muslim faith like camel dung. Even at the great pilgrimage in Mecca.

I have tried to understand Islam but find it difficult to understand why so many people would follow a sex crazed violent paedophile. It makes no sense.

If you want a reference try

averroes said...


You can't compare Islam's fast spread with cancer, because people don't choose to have cancer, yet they choose to be muslims. How many british people became muslims? Do you know Cat Stephens? Do you know many others who choosed Islam? There must be a reason, a very good one.

I'm sad for your opinion about Islam, yet I do understand where it comes from. We currently don't have the best record world wide in almost everything, not just human rights.

But as I told you before, at least have a look at the comparison between what crusaders did when they invaded Jerusalem, and what muslims did. You can use history to find out how great Islam is and muslims were. Yes we are not as good as we were before, because we don't follow Islam correctly.

Don't use the actions of current muslims to judge Islam, many of them don't represent Islam.

If muslims were trully bad and Islam is just as you think it is, why didn't they slaughter the christians in Jerusalem like crusaders did to muslims "and christian arabs" there?

Why are the churches still standing there, if we were this horrible people? Why did we turn Andalus "Spain" into a land of science and education, making the basics of all current sciences by muslim scientists, while the Vatican was oppressing science and scientists?

I won't try to convince you with anything, it is only up to you.

I'm from Palestine by the way, and despite everything happening to me and my people not only by Israel but also by Arabs, I know my religion and I know Islam is innocent from these current events done by ignorants, not by true muslims.

I don't think we need to argue about this. I just wanted to say what I said, and I'm glad to hear from you.

I wish you the best in this regard....


Maffi said...

Iwould like to answer what you have said. but feel you will not understand my answer, However I will give it any way and hope you will understand what I say.

Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, the student convicted of blasphemy for downloading a report on women's rights from the internet.

I think this says all. Islam is the worst cancer this world has ever seen. It should be wiped from the face of the earth.

Maffi said...

I would like to answer what you have said. but feel you will not understand my answer, However I will give it any way and hope you will understand what I say.

Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, the student convicted of blasphemy for downloading a report on women's rights from the internet.

I think this says all. Islam is the worst cancer this world has ever seen. It should be wiped from the face of the earth.

averroes said...

I asked you to not take the actions of current muslims as representing Islam. Then you tell me what that student was convicted of?

Judge Islam through Islam, the Quran and Hadith....not through current muslims.

Islam won't be wiped off the Earth, because simply it is spreading amongst people especially in Europe. It is not a cancer because people choose Islam, not the other way around.

I hope you can open your mind and leave your "sort of" justified hate against Islam because of some muslims' actions, and judge Islam objectively.

Al-Qaeda claims to be muslim, yet it is against Islam, so you can use it to judge Islam. Look at our history, we are the most noble fighters the world has ever known. Look at the crusaders, and you can see butchers.

This is my last post here. I think I've said enough....

Maffi said...

What everIslam was it is not now and however much you say it is better than it is now it will not change.

I have no idea where you get the 'people choose Islam' but choice is no something Islam gives.

You have in fact said nothing here.

The quraan is empty and Hadiths are the an interpretation of mere morons who lived in a time when witchcraft ruled.

We do not want Islam in the west. The reason Islam is spreading is because Muslims breed like rabbits.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

averroes said...

Yeah right, talking about waking up, how about you view these websites.

CNN WORLD NEWS: Islam is the fastest-growing religion

Islam is Fastest Growing Religion in United States:

Times on line: Thousands of british people convert to islam every year:

Why European women are turning to Islam:

Washington-Report: The Nation's Fastest Growing Religion

Washington Post: Islam Luring More Latinos

Islam is spreading among Thousands black South Africans

Washington Post: Islam Attracting Many Thousands Survivors of Rwanda Genocide

Islam - World's Fastest Growing Religion

Maffi said...

This only makes my point Islam grows like a cancer. An Arab friend of mine has 13 sisters and 12 brothers of course its growing protagnists cant keep their dick in their pants.

Maffi said...

Having four wives only illustrates the point and children by the dozen show that Islamists behave like animals, the same charge islamists would aim at the west but with less foundation.

I thought you were finished with this.