Monday, September 25, 2006

It is time to take it back.

Someone is stealing something from me; there is nothing I can do to stop them. I watch the news and see Islamist protesting the words of the pope. I cannot protest against their protest. Why? Because it would be racist and because I would offend a minority group. The fact that they are racist towards me and that they offend me is not a point to argue. I am white so I am racist. They are Moslems so they can't be. I have a hard time dealing with that.

I have travelled far and wide and one thing I do know is that colour is important the blacker you are the lower down the social scale you are. I once witnessed an Indian woman refuse to sit next to a Pakistani woman on an aeroplane because she was a "Paki". One Arab on the same flight from Paris to Oman called the flight attendant a "fucking useless bitch", simply because she woke him up to tell him to put on his seat belt. The aircraft was taxying to the runway. Later in the flight I noticed his briefcase was full of pills not just for self use but I mean full. Obviously a dealer taking the profits. Another Arab complained that they didn't have milk on board for the baby despite being told at the airport that he should ensure that he had milk as the galley didn't have enough on board. He still complained

The Committee for Racial Equality (CRE) has an annual award for blacks in the media. Clearly this is a racist event where only blacks are honoured. If they had a similar event for whites this would redress the balance, but they don't, and I am supposed to be racist. The CRE are cleaning up their act, but it is still an organisation that deals with White on Black racism and not Black on White racism. This is against their remit, yet they are allowed to get away with it.

Personally I don't give a shit what colour a mans skin is, I am more concerned with what sort of person he is. I am concerned with what his religion is because he might be a serious danger to me and mine. Yes I do perceive Asians as dangerous. Since the IRA stopped bombing us Asians and Arabs have killed a lot of us mere white folk, you will excuse me but that is a fact not racist.

Islamic fundamentalists daily preach from a book that calls for the extermination of Jews and infidels. They say Islam is a peaceful religion yet they call for the execution of the Pope because he repeated the words of a medieval writer. Earlier this year the Danes were pilloried because they dare to explore the probability that Islam was and still is having an effect on our right to free speech.

Let us understand this, Islam is about taking over the world. It sees every single one of us as a Moslem that hasn't yet understood. The Islamic Republic of UK is becoming a reality. No not scaremongering it is a fact. There are many in the UK that are working towards it. Our Government will not stop it unless we tell them to.

The Prophet Mohammed has been proven to have been a sex crazed violent Paedophile but will any mossie admit that, no! There are provable facts to support this but to his followers he is untainted.

I once told an Arab that I would not buy Arab products on principle, he thought that was unfair and didn't see the similarity of their own situation whereby the do not purchase Danish goods.

They of course are allowed to have principles we are not, which brings me back to my opening statement. What is being stolen from me? My rights, my liberty, my freedom. All of which our foreign visitors will deny me but cry Racist if I were to deny them the same rights.

Whose country is this? Certainly not mine. My 'Government' will bend over backwards to help those who seek to deny me my freedom but will not lift a finger to help me when my rights are abused. I am a stranger in my own country.

It is time to take it back.

Friday, September 22, 2006


So the Pope quoted some medieval writer and offended the muslim community. What has that got to do with England? Why are they protesting in my country and calling for the popes execution? I hope the guilty bastards are arrested and gaoled. In case they didn't know incitement to murder is a crime in the UK.

While we are talking Law breakers, if I walk into a bank or store wearing a M/C crash helmet I will be tempting fate. Why are these Muslim extremists allowed to parade through the streets of London wearing masks? They must be cowards.

I noticed the pope apologised for offending the mossies but he didn't retract what he said!

And now the Mossies say they will bomb the Vatican. Who do they think they are. Just evil followers of a sex crazed violent paedophile, thats who!

Child murder
Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Association Critical of Police Handling of Child Murder Investigation
13/04/2006By Manal Homeidan

Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat- An investigation into the death of nine-year-old Saudi girl Ghosoon revealed that she died as a result of torture suffered at the hands of her father during the one year she remained under his custody. Ghosoon's father divorced her mother whilst she was pregnant with Ghosoon, and the child remained with her mother for nine years until Ghosoon's father won custody over her.

Sources informed Asharq Al-Awsat that forensic reports had shown that the child had been tortured as her body was covered with burnt scars and bruises as well as marks indicating the use of handcuffs. Ghosoon's father, who left school at an early age, did not allow her to attend school claiming that she was "mentally unstable," whilst the school's administration argued that Ghosoon had excelled at school.

Sources further highlighted that Ghosoon's father admitted to tormenting his daughter with the help of his second wife who is presently being held at the women's prison in Mecca. Ghosoon's 32 year-old father has been detained at Al-Mansour police station in Mecca.

Excuse me but....... What is really sad about this is that the father thinks that it's OK to do this shit and to a point the Authorities are somewhat complacent about it! In Saudi despite what they say, females are worth less than males and are to a point just possesions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

He wont what!

I see that Omar Khyam is refusing to complete his evidence because he fears for the safety of his family in Pakistan.

Excuse me but......Didn't seem to worry him while he was plotting to kill hundreds of innocent airline passengers.

Sorry 'allegedly plotting'.