Saturday, August 05, 2006

What kind of father would do this?

Arab News Friday August 4th

A Saudi father recently approved the marriage of his 17 year old daughter to a 72 year old man banning suitors closer to the young lady's age from even thinking about proposing to her.
He said that old men are more mature and respectful of women, and said the marriages of his other two daughters fell apart after their young husbands abused them.

Well one thing is certain: The young lady will certainly be able to out run her hubby if ever she needs to.

Excuse me but……. What must be remembered about the other daughters marriages is that the father chose those abusive husbands. So just because he screwed up is that any reason that she should be handed over to a near paedophile. I bet the old bastard cum in his nightshirt when he found out he had pulled a virgin young enough to be his great-granddaughter.

I feel sorry for the girl having some old out of breath perv slobbering all over her. She will spend the rest of his life thinking that sex is a 5 second grunt.

What was this man thinking of? He should be locked up for child abuse. Yes I said child abuse. A 17 year old girl in this country has limited experience, the sort of experience that a preeteen has in the west. She might have all the right equipment but in her head she is a child.

This is just plain disgusting.

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