Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well Done ATS

Today the anti-terrorist squad foiled an atempt to destroy hundreds of lives on board aeroplanes traveling between UK and the US.

for the

Let us not get complacent. Authorites said there are probably 10,000 more to thake their place.

One Asian at LHR complained that he was being "Wrongly profiled and abused".

Well I am so sorry!

If the freedom of a few is sacrificed for the benefit of the majority, that is democracy.

Please feel free to exercise your democratic right and go elsewhere, where you will not be "Wrongly profiled and abused", but I will tell you this matey it isn't Pakistan, it isn't the Middle East, it isn't any country that you might want to go.

Life ain't always what we think it should be. Often that isn't our choice.

The way I understand it of the 21 arrested 19 were of Pakistani origin, two were Islamic converts. All of the 7/7 bombers were Moslems. Now what sort of profile can you make out of that. Pakistani, Islam, Moslem. Put those three in Google and see what shows up.

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