Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Turkish question

Excuse me but.............Sometime in the next 10 years Turkey will be admitted into the EU. Why?

Why I dont knowbut I can think of 2 good reasons why not.

1. Turkey is not in Europe except for a tiny part of it in the north-west

2. The last thing the EU needs is another 70 million Moslems. We have enough!

Shouldn't Turks align themselves with the Arab nations? My thoughts are YES!

They are more ethnically compatable with Arabs. The only real borders they have are with Arabs. And they worship an Arab God.

What is the point of joining the EU unless it is to infiltrate europe and bring their religion with them.

I for one don't want more Moslems in europe. We have enough as it is.
I for one don't want to be a Moslem I enjoy my freedom.
I for one am not a believer in any god but especially that one.

I can say this now but in 10-20 years it could cost me my head.

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