Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So bloody what!

Saddique one of the men arrested over the airport security issue a couple of weeks ago says he will remember the nightmare of his time in detention for the rest of his life.

Well bully for him. He can do that because he can choose to and has a life. Those innocent people who would have been killed had the plot not been foiled would never have had a choice and their lives would have bee cut short. He may not have been involved but he and his family are safer because the security services were able to pick up all those they had a inkling were suspects. Had he been picked up in Pakistan I doubt he would have had such an 'easy' ride and would probably have been found guilty even though he is innocent.

Excuse me but......I am sorry but in order to preserve the democracy you have to resort to undemocratic means. Saddique live with it at least you can.

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