Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh surprise, surprise

Excuse me but........ Back in June I said "just because the police didn't find anything (when they searched the home of two mulsims in East London) it doesn't mean they are not guilty.

Well well well so it would appear that one of those two 'good' muslim boys (who are infact men) are now being investigated in relation to a child pornography ring. Police found CP images on a computer at the house. No surprises there then, certainly not for me any way.

Many of the muslims I worked with had CP pics & vids on their mobiles. So I don't go for the holier than thou crap. Grow a beard and shave your head as much as you like, but a pedophile is a pedophile, it goes with the terrorism territory.
One neighbour said "They were respectable and nice people and we do not know anything else. They have always been nice to us".
Well of course they were one of them was probably after your children!

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