Thursday, August 24, 2006

Most wont like this.

It is not wrong to say, as did Cassius Clay when our own Michael Parkinson asked about his daughter marrying a white boy, "I like my own". It is not racist it's just a fact of life!

Multi-culturalism has been foisted up on us by our leaders who will never be adversely affected by what that means. It is something that the west are expected to embrace, while those that demand it do not reciprocate in their home countries.

I currently live in a country where the are no Churches, yet we have allowed mosques to be built all over England. There are cities here that I am not allowed to visit because I am not of the faith, yet anyone can visit our Cathedrals . I cannot walk down the street holding hands with my girlfriend because its against the law. Even kissing in public, a peck on the cheek in greeting, will get us deported and her passport stamped 'PROSTITUTE'.

I am segregated when I go out for a meal into a men only section, It says 'singles' but it means you ain't good enough to sit with the women and children, there are never any females in there. It seems to me that multi-culturalism is a one way street.

Yes people want to come to the west for a better life, but they bring with them all the crap that they are running away from then expect us to take it on board. We have to accept all cultures but it is not incumbent on our 'guests' to do likewise.

The greatest gift that we can give any one who comes to us is FREEDOM! Yet they would take it away from us in a heartbeat. Our freedom to be who we are. Our freedom to think for ourselves. Our freedom to live our lives as we choose. Many Muslims would have us be The Islamic Republic of United Kingdom, and there are those that are actively seeking that. I don't want to live in an Islamic state so I live, albeit temporarily in an Islamic State here, in the UK. I cannot understand why someone who does want an Islamic State comes to Britain unless it is for the sinister reasons.

Our country is changing and we have no control over how it changes. People would look down on me because I voice my fears, yet they would bend over back wards to ensure that immigrants get a better deal than I do. We have people out of work yet still the rising tide of immigration crashes on our shores.

The UK is a tiny island we really don't have the space to continue accepting all comers, we just don't have the space!

An influx of immigrants means an endless pool of unskilled workers, that's good for business because that keeps wages down. But it also means more people needing housing, schooling, medicare etc etc etc and this government is just not geared up for that. More and more people coming in and less and less in the budget.

An Asian or Filipino etc coming to UK does not put in as much as your average Brit. Yes he will pay the same tax on his income but that is where it ends. A Brit will use almost all his money in country, where as an Asian or Filipino etc will send quite a lot of it home. UK plc does not get any tax from money spent abroad by an out of country family. So an immigrant is not worth as much to UK as a full time Brit.

It's hard enough for our children to compete with the children in their class but even harder to compete with people who haven't even arrived yet.

Excuse me but ..... It is just not fair on us to expect us to take second place all the time!!!!!!!!

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