Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Israeli speaks

I live in Israel, a state in the middle east. My state hasn't seen a lot of serenity moments. I rarely watch the TV without hearing about violence. Violence-that's the name of the game here in the Middle East. I can't remember if I passed one peacefull year....... no there is none.

The experts says that the people in Israel are more nervous and worried than in other places in the world. When you see terror attacks constantly, when you hear smell and feel the news every day almost hour after hour that means you are nervous.That means you are uncertain, unsure, about the future and what's coming ahead.

Something about three weeks ago, my country was attacked by hostile terror organization. Hezbollah- the God party as is literaly says. how can such a group represent God? Is it God way to kill and destroy everything in your way in order to achieve your goals? I don't know, maybe it is. If so many people in the middle east and around the world are adopting this way maybe there is something here that I haven't revealed yet.

Fatal mistake

Now there is war, a war between the war mongers and Israel. People die in wars, it's a conventional routine. The Hizbolla thought that Israel would continue with it's restraint policy towards them and their stings from time to time in the border.Why did he think so? Because Israel was on a new path and the government wanted to put all it's efforts into solving the Gaza strip issue. Because it was a relatively calm period of time and the Israeli economy started to show green lights.

Nasralla did a fatal mistake, he thought Israel will respond reservedly once again, he didn't estimate the new leadership and he should have, he should have thought about the new leader would like to prove himself worthy.

He also thought that the people will refuse to enter a war, he knows that the israeli people doesn't want victims, he doesn't care about his people life, and they doesn't care either. The fundamentalistic way of the shiite believer is blind. Dying is the highest level of spirituality but he was wrong all along. The Israeli people have suffered constantly from the Lebanese missle threat, especially those who live close to the northern border.

The people want to remove this threat, permanently and live in peace and quiet. Now because of the radicalism of one group who decided it can attack without being punished the Lebanese people suffer, the Israeli people suffer, everyone suffers. The Lebanese have just kicked Syria out, they could start over and establish a democracy, but the Hizbolla has ruined everything.

The strategic point

Hizbollah is financed by Iran. This radical country supports and encourages the Hizbollah and other terror groups. Iran wants to be a major factor in the region, they resist the western world and want to influence the region and spread their belief. They help Syria and Hizbolla in the struggle againts Israel.

From the other side, there is the United States of America which wants to establish democracies in the world and in this case this war is serving their interests. The American way says that democracies bring stability. Meanwhile they tried to do it in Afganistan, and aslo in Iraq and the people seem to refuse to accept this ideology.Iran wants a status others have but she hasn't. The threat of a nuclear bomb. That seem frightening for a second, considering the last declarations of ahmadinajad who called to wipe Israel of the map.

Israel won't allow Iran to reach such a point and hitting the Hizbolla means hitting the Iranians. The USA knows it, that's why Israel has got time to breath, time to leave accepted facts.

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