Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So bloody what!

Saddique one of the men arrested over the airport security issue a couple of weeks ago says he will remember the nightmare of his time in detention for the rest of his life.

Well bully for him. He can do that because he can choose to and has a life. Those innocent people who would have been killed had the plot not been foiled would never have had a choice and their lives would have bee cut short. He may not have been involved but he and his family are safer because the security services were able to pick up all those they had a inkling were suspects. Had he been picked up in Pakistan I doubt he would have had such an 'easy' ride and would probably have been found guilty even though he is innocent.

Excuse me but......I am sorry but in order to preserve the democracy you have to resort to undemocratic means. Saddique live with it at least you can.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Most wont like this.

It is not wrong to say, as did Cassius Clay when our own Michael Parkinson asked about his daughter marrying a white boy, "I like my own". It is not racist it's just a fact of life!

Multi-culturalism has been foisted up on us by our leaders who will never be adversely affected by what that means. It is something that the west are expected to embrace, while those that demand it do not reciprocate in their home countries.

I currently live in a country where the are no Churches, yet we have allowed mosques to be built all over England. There are cities here that I am not allowed to visit because I am not of the faith, yet anyone can visit our Cathedrals . I cannot walk down the street holding hands with my girlfriend because its against the law. Even kissing in public, a peck on the cheek in greeting, will get us deported and her passport stamped 'PROSTITUTE'.

I am segregated when I go out for a meal into a men only section, It says 'singles' but it means you ain't good enough to sit with the women and children, there are never any females in there. It seems to me that multi-culturalism is a one way street.

Yes people want to come to the west for a better life, but they bring with them all the crap that they are running away from then expect us to take it on board. We have to accept all cultures but it is not incumbent on our 'guests' to do likewise.

The greatest gift that we can give any one who comes to us is FREEDOM! Yet they would take it away from us in a heartbeat. Our freedom to be who we are. Our freedom to think for ourselves. Our freedom to live our lives as we choose. Many Muslims would have us be The Islamic Republic of United Kingdom, and there are those that are actively seeking that. I don't want to live in an Islamic state so I live, albeit temporarily in an Islamic State here, in the UK. I cannot understand why someone who does want an Islamic State comes to Britain unless it is for the sinister reasons.

Our country is changing and we have no control over how it changes. People would look down on me because I voice my fears, yet they would bend over back wards to ensure that immigrants get a better deal than I do. We have people out of work yet still the rising tide of immigration crashes on our shores.

The UK is a tiny island we really don't have the space to continue accepting all comers, we just don't have the space!

An influx of immigrants means an endless pool of unskilled workers, that's good for business because that keeps wages down. But it also means more people needing housing, schooling, medicare etc etc etc and this government is just not geared up for that. More and more people coming in and less and less in the budget.

An Asian or Filipino etc coming to UK does not put in as much as your average Brit. Yes he will pay the same tax on his income but that is where it ends. A Brit will use almost all his money in country, where as an Asian or Filipino etc will send quite a lot of it home. UK plc does not get any tax from money spent abroad by an out of country family. So an immigrant is not worth as much to UK as a full time Brit.

It's hard enough for our children to compete with the children in their class but even harder to compete with people who haven't even arrived yet.

Excuse me but ..... It is just not fair on us to expect us to take second place all the time!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hold on a minute!

I have just come across this little gem thanks to Tottenham Lad. I cannot believe that this shit is going on in our country.


Failed, for calling a sergeant 'him'
By David Green(Filed: 23/07/2006)

To make it clear that opponents of ethnic targets stood no chance of promotion, a range of "diversity-related assessments" were included in all staff selection processes from March 2005. What does this mean in practice? A 19-year-old female candidate for the police service recently learnt a hard lesson in diversity awareness. She had passed her written tests, and in her interview was asked what she would do if she needed advice. She replied: "I would go to my sergeant and ask him for help." She failed the interview for referring to the sergeant as "him", thus revealing her lack of gender awareness.

Excuse me but......BOLLOCKS

What is going on in the corridors of power?

Have they no idea who it was that voted them into power?

Do they care?

Elsewhere in this article it highlights the fact that the "IMMIGRATION SERVICE" is being staffed by ...... wait for it ...... under achieving immigrants.

Isn't that a bit like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Say what you like about me, I am no racist, but this is plain lunacy.

Political Correctness is a desease. It has to stop and it has to stop now!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well Done ATS

Today the anti-terrorist squad foiled an atempt to destroy hundreds of lives on board aeroplanes traveling between UK and the US.

for the

Let us not get complacent. Authorites said there are probably 10,000 more to thake their place.

One Asian at LHR complained that he was being "Wrongly profiled and abused".

Well I am so sorry!

If the freedom of a few is sacrificed for the benefit of the majority, that is democracy.

Please feel free to exercise your democratic right and go elsewhere, where you will not be "Wrongly profiled and abused", but I will tell you this matey it isn't Pakistan, it isn't the Middle East, it isn't any country that you might want to go.

Life ain't always what we think it should be. Often that isn't our choice.

The way I understand it of the 21 arrested 19 were of Pakistani origin, two were Islamic converts. All of the 7/7 bombers were Moslems. Now what sort of profile can you make out of that. Pakistani, Islam, Moslem. Put those three in Google and see what shows up.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hi Welcome to the United Kingdom

Before you proceed through customs you will be subjected to an information presentation to help acclimatize you to this country of OURS.

This is the mother of all parliaments. We have sent our system of government all around the world in the hope that others will benefit from our vast experience. It's not perfect but it is better than the government you have just left. Learn to love it.

Our flag has a history that yours doesn’t, burn it in protest and you will go to jail. You may fly your own flag on your National Day but at no other time. Remember if you have a British passport your flag is the Union Flag.

Your British passport belongs to the Government. It can and will be taken away as easily as it is given.

You have been granted a visa to stay in this country. That is for you and your wife and children, it is not an open door for all of your relatives and friends. If you are found aiding an illegal immigrant you will be deported along with them.

If you are not yet married then remember that when you do get married your wife does not automatically get to stay here.

Now don’t think because you are here that you can forget why you came. There is a better life to be had here. Respect our country and all will be available to you. If you commit a crime against our laws you will go to jail and then be deported. You will never return.

We are a monogamous society. We are allowed only one wife at a time. If you marry another before you divorce the first you will go to jail and then be deported you will never return.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 3

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

That includes your wife and daughters. Your wife is free to come and go as any other citizen. If she chooses not to wear your hijab or burqa there is no law to make her. You came here for freedom that is part of the freedom. She is not in anyway inferior to you and has equal status under the law. If however she chooses to wear the hijab or burqa she will not be allowed to enter any store/bank with her face covered. It is not acceptable. Communication relies on visual as well as audio senses.

You will have to take a driving test before you can drive a car on our roads. Yes I know you have a driving license from your country that does not prove that you can drive to the safe standard expected here. The test will be conducted in English and you can fail if you don’t understand.

Your wife can drive a car if she has a license and passes the requisite test. For this she will need to have he photograph taken for the license. She will abide by the rules of our country and be photographed full face. If she feels she cannot do this that is her choice but she will not be allowed to drive. Yes we know it's your way back home but not here. Please feel free to return home if you cannot grasp the principle of freedom that we offer.

Holding a female member of your family prisoner because you don't want her to have the same choices and freedoms as you is against the law you will go to jail and then be deported. You will never return. You are welcome to practice your religion in any reasonable way you see fit but remember that this is a Christian country, our Queen is the head of the Church of England and you will not change that.

Yes the church bells will ring across the country every Sunday morning. Your call to prayer will be allowed, but only on the days there are Anglican Church ringing bells in Mecca. We have our own culture, but aspects of your culture are accepted here. Do not bring your tribal violence to our shores or you will be deported. You will never return.

No one is allowed to own a gun of any kind, if you are found with one you will go to jail then be deported never to return.

Remember the laws we have are the result of hundreds of years of struggle, you are expected to live by those laws. If you do not feel that you can do that you are most welcome to exercise you freedom to leave now.

In essence this is a free country. Every many woman and child has freedoms that you have only dreamt of up to now, accept this here and now or leave.

Your children will marry who they choose. You will not force them to marry someone because they are the right people and acceptable to you. You may offer an opinion on who she chooses but the final choice is hers.

We do not practice female mutilation here. If you do this you will go to jail. If you take your daughter out of the country to do this you will go to jail. Butchery of the person is not acceptable in a civilized society. If you think that it is acceptable then you may leave now and never return.

I am giving this talk to you in English because that is our language. You will learn English to a competent standard. We will help you with language problems to start with but within two years you will no longer be allowed an interpreter. If you can't ask for it in English then you don't get it.

We hope you enjoy living in OUR country, but please never forget it is OUR country!

If you wish to live under Islamic Laws there are plenty of countries where you can go and do that. If you seek to do that here, you will be deported and never return.

Excuse me but...... If only it was this simple.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Law and You

Arab News August 5th

A question from N.M.J. In the new labor law, is there any specific article that obliges the employer to pay for the iqama, work permit, and exit/re-entry visa for their employees?

The answer Nothing has changed in this regard in the new law. Employers are required to pay for the following expenses: airfare, including annual leave airfare, medical treatment, and visa and iqama costs. Employees may forfeit any of these rights if they choose, but that must be outlined in a contract. Otherwise the law stands.

Excuse me but.... My company hasn't paid us medical insurance for over a year so thats a pile of bullshit.


Arab News Friday August 4th

From the Classified ads page

Hyderabaddi Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter age 24. 5'3" fair and beautiful, BSc (computers), MCA, holding Iqama. Boy should be doctor, engineer or any PG from an educated family, well settled in KSA, UAE or USA. Send resume to

Excuse me but…… you must remember that these bozos are for real. It doesn't matter that she has a BSc in anything she is just a baby machine.

Be my guest email the old fart.

What kind of father would do this?

Arab News Friday August 4th

A Saudi father recently approved the marriage of his 17 year old daughter to a 72 year old man banning suitors closer to the young lady's age from even thinking about proposing to her.
He said that old men are more mature and respectful of women, and said the marriages of his other two daughters fell apart after their young husbands abused them.

Well one thing is certain: The young lady will certainly be able to out run her hubby if ever she needs to.

Excuse me but……. What must be remembered about the other daughters marriages is that the father chose those abusive husbands. So just because he screwed up is that any reason that she should be handed over to a near paedophile. I bet the old bastard cum in his nightshirt when he found out he had pulled a virgin young enough to be his great-granddaughter.

I feel sorry for the girl having some old out of breath perv slobbering all over her. She will spend the rest of his life thinking that sex is a 5 second grunt.

What was this man thinking of? He should be locked up for child abuse. Yes I said child abuse. A 17 year old girl in this country has limited experience, the sort of experience that a preeteen has in the west. She might have all the right equipment but in her head she is a child.

This is just plain disgusting.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh surprise, surprise

Excuse me but........ Back in June I said "just because the police didn't find anything (when they searched the home of two mulsims in East London) it doesn't mean they are not guilty.

Well well well so it would appear that one of those two 'good' muslim boys (who are infact men) are now being investigated in relation to a child pornography ring. Police found CP images on a computer at the house. No surprises there then, certainly not for me any way.

Many of the muslims I worked with had CP pics & vids on their mobiles. So I don't go for the holier than thou crap. Grow a beard and shave your head as much as you like, but a pedophile is a pedophile, it goes with the terrorism territory.
One neighbour said "They were respectable and nice people and we do not know anything else. They have always been nice to us".
Well of course they were one of them was probably after your children!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Turkish question

Excuse me but.............Sometime in the next 10 years Turkey will be admitted into the EU. Why?

Why I dont knowbut I can think of 2 good reasons why not.

1. Turkey is not in Europe except for a tiny part of it in the north-west

2. The last thing the EU needs is another 70 million Moslems. We have enough!

Shouldn't Turks align themselves with the Arab nations? My thoughts are YES!

They are more ethnically compatable with Arabs. The only real borders they have are with Arabs. And they worship an Arab God.

What is the point of joining the EU unless it is to infiltrate europe and bring their religion with them.

I for one don't want more Moslems in europe. We have enough as it is.
I for one don't want to be a Moslem I enjoy my freedom.
I for one am not a believer in any god but especially that one.

I can say this now but in 10-20 years it could cost me my head.

An Israeli speaks

I live in Israel, a state in the middle east. My state hasn't seen a lot of serenity moments. I rarely watch the TV without hearing about violence. Violence-that's the name of the game here in the Middle East. I can't remember if I passed one peacefull year....... no there is none.

The experts says that the people in Israel are more nervous and worried than in other places in the world. When you see terror attacks constantly, when you hear smell and feel the news every day almost hour after hour that means you are nervous.That means you are uncertain, unsure, about the future and what's coming ahead.

Something about three weeks ago, my country was attacked by hostile terror organization. Hezbollah- the God party as is literaly says. how can such a group represent God? Is it God way to kill and destroy everything in your way in order to achieve your goals? I don't know, maybe it is. If so many people in the middle east and around the world are adopting this way maybe there is something here that I haven't revealed yet.

Fatal mistake

Now there is war, a war between the war mongers and Israel. People die in wars, it's a conventional routine. The Hizbolla thought that Israel would continue with it's restraint policy towards them and their stings from time to time in the border.Why did he think so? Because Israel was on a new path and the government wanted to put all it's efforts into solving the Gaza strip issue. Because it was a relatively calm period of time and the Israeli economy started to show green lights.

Nasralla did a fatal mistake, he thought Israel will respond reservedly once again, he didn't estimate the new leadership and he should have, he should have thought about the new leader would like to prove himself worthy.

He also thought that the people will refuse to enter a war, he knows that the israeli people doesn't want victims, he doesn't care about his people life, and they doesn't care either. The fundamentalistic way of the shiite believer is blind. Dying is the highest level of spirituality but he was wrong all along. The Israeli people have suffered constantly from the Lebanese missle threat, especially those who live close to the northern border.

The people want to remove this threat, permanently and live in peace and quiet. Now because of the radicalism of one group who decided it can attack without being punished the Lebanese people suffer, the Israeli people suffer, everyone suffers. The Lebanese have just kicked Syria out, they could start over and establish a democracy, but the Hizbolla has ruined everything.

The strategic point

Hizbollah is financed by Iran. This radical country supports and encourages the Hizbollah and other terror groups. Iran wants to be a major factor in the region, they resist the western world and want to influence the region and spread their belief. They help Syria and Hizbolla in the struggle againts Israel.

From the other side, there is the United States of America which wants to establish democracies in the world and in this case this war is serving their interests. The American way says that democracies bring stability. Meanwhile they tried to do it in Afganistan, and aslo in Iraq and the people seem to refuse to accept this ideology.Iran wants a status others have but she hasn't. The threat of a nuclear bomb. That seem frightening for a second, considering the last declarations of ahmadinajad who called to wipe Israel of the map.

Israel won't allow Iran to reach such a point and hitting the Hizbolla means hitting the Iranians. The USA knows it, that's why Israel has got time to breath, time to leave accepted facts.