Saturday, July 22, 2006

Middle East

So what is going on in the Middle East? I have no idea!

Just who is in charge in Lebanon? Hezbollah!

Why are the Lebanese Government (the president must be Maronite Christian, the prime minister must be Sunni Muslim, and the speaker of the parliament must be Shi'a Muslim) not doing something about this situation? Lebanon is a majority Shi'a country. The Hizbollah are Shi'a. There is no way on gods green earth that the country's Shi'a Army will go against Shi'a Hezbollah.

Why are the other governments around not doing anything? Self interest!

Syria are mostly Sunni. Iraq (65 percent Arab Shi'a, 15 percent Arab Sunni and 20 percent Kurdish. Iraqi Kurds are mostly Sunni, with about 10% being Shi'a Faili Kurds). and Iran (approximately 91 % are Shi'a and 8 % are Sunni) None there will stand against the Hezbollah.

Oman (Majority Ibadi and 25% Sunni) and Yemen (42% Shi'a 55% Sunni) are to small and to distant to help anyone.

Saudi Arabia are Sunnis (The Majority are Sunni Muslims (about 10%) are Shi'a Muslims) They wont stand up to the Hezbollah. Saudis don't like confrontation. Iraq is predominantly Shiite but Saddam and his boy were Sunnis. Because of the fact that Shiites out numbered the Sunnis, they ruled with an iron fist. Shi'a hate Sunnis almost as much as they hate Jews.

Saudi Arabia thinks because the "Two Holy Mosques" are on Saudi soil they are the governers of all Islam. I think this riles the others a bit because all Moslems have to make at least one trip in their life time to Mecca. Of course the Saudis make an awful lot of money out of this.

Jordan, also Sunni, could be the voice of reason in the region, but will likely stay out of it for fear of reprisals from whoever they side against.

Turkey are a different kettle of fish altogether (About 99% of the population is officially Muslim, the majority of whom are Sunni. The Shi'a population, including Alevis is estimated at between 20-25%). Turkey want in to Europe they will not get involved in the present war. They are not as hardline as other Middle East countries but you can bet if they get into Europe they will change and not for the better.

Hezbollah means Party of God they were formed in 1982 specifically to fight Israel who were, to be fair, occupying Lebanon at that time. In 2000 when the Israelsi moved they should have been demobilised. Hezbollah is regarded by the Iranian & Syrian governments as a legitimate resistance, a view common in the Arab and Muslim world.

The United States and Israel claim that Hezbollah receives financial and political assistance, as well as weapons and training, from Iran and Syria. Syria and Iran admit supporting Hezbollah, but deny supplying it with weapons.

I have no idea what is going to be the outcome of the present situation but when Israel has expended itself fighting in Lebanon it wouldn't surprise me if other Middle East countries take the opportunity to have a 'legitimate' war and seriously trounce the Jews.

Hezbollah are without doubt a fighting organiseation as can be deduced by their flag.

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simanian said...

my conclusion from this post is that the arabs in the middle east are acting accordingly to religious
and that's why this society is so divided.
if the arabs will stop enforcing others to believe in what they think is right then maybe they will be able to solve their inner problems.
blaming israel for the problems of the arab countries in the middle east is known to everybody.
but is it Israel tha't doesn't allow these countried to develop and step forward?
the leadership is easy to blame Israel, instead of buying weapons and support terror organizations(syria,iran) they could help their own people with food and shelter.