Friday, July 14, 2006

Honour Killings

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 3

Once again the streets of a quiet English suburb ran with the blood of an innocent girl. Honour Killings are still in the world of many cultures a fact of life. Many girls across the world are brutally murdered every year and it doesn't matter which country they are in. People come to the west for a better life, they never get it. They simply bring with them all the crap that made their lives bad in their home country.

They think that they have a right to meter out the same illegal punishment for petty crimes that would have been handed down in their own country. Not by judges but by ignorant members of their family.
Two cousins will now spend 10 and 20 years behind bars for the brutal murder of ones sister Samaria Nazir. Not only did they stab her 18 times, strangle her and cut her throat 3 times. They did it in front of two children aged 2 & 4 so they would know that they would get the same treatment if they were to dishonour the family.

And what was her crime? She fell in love. The only dishonour in this case is the dishonour that they have brought upon the family for believing that they were above the law. If there is a god he is not a god that approves of this and I feel sure these two will rot in the fires of hell.

There are two things we need and need right now. A clear warning to those who come to the UK and break our laws. And the DEATH penalty for those that do this in the future.

You cannot treat people with this mentality with kid gloves. They need to be hit and hit hard. Forget about their civil rights, they forfeit those when they commit these brutal murders on our land.

Yes you guessed it, I am f**king angry!

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