Monday, June 05, 2006

Brown wants cap on public pay

By Sumeet Desai

LONDON (Reuters) - Chancellor Gordon Brown called on Monday for greater accountability in the public sector and said pay rises for its staff would be kept low for the next two years.

In a wide ranging speech to business leaders in London, Brown said Britain needs to keep making tough decisions on public sector pay and reforms if it is to cope with the challenges posed by globalisation.

"We must do more to encourage local and regional pay flexibility," said Brown, who is widely expected to succeed Prime Minister Tony Blair before the next election expected in 2009.

"With this year's public sector pay settlements averaging just 2.25 percent -- we are maintaining vigilance in the fight against inflation -- and next year and the year after that we will maintain this discipline of low overall settlements.

Brown also sought to soothe business fears that public sector reform would lose momentum under his premiership because unions might hold more sway with the 55-year-old Scot.
"We will continue to reform our public services: matching national objectives with other drivers of change -- competition and contestability and local choice and voice, including publicly available real time data," he said.

Excuse me but ........ The last time he said this MP's got a MASSIVE 26% pay rise. Who does he think he is kidding. You cannot get away from Globalisation but to expect an English civil servant to work for the same money as a Pakistani or Chinese is absolutely preposterous. Earth calling Planet Brown wake up!!!!!
And while we are here why is a Scot elected in his home country making decisions that affect Englishmen. What we need is our own government. England is the only country in the Union that does not have its own nation executive body.

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