Thursday, June 15, 2006

Terrorist Raid

Excuse me but. . . . . now the police didn't find anything they are supposed to appologise for doing their job. I don't think so! There was 'intellegence' about the 7/7 bombers that people said they should have acted on, but didn't. For Gods sake they can't be pilloried for not acting on one and pilloried for acting on the other. Give them a break!

At the end of the day this is a nice little earner for the lads involved.

And because the police didn't find any evidence that doesn't necessarily mean that the lads are not guilty.

This is the UK. Like it or not we are not an Islamic state, we are not a police state, we are a FREE state and occaisionally some people get ruffled, whilst protecting the majority. I currently live in an Islamic state and I can tell you it ain't no fun.

Sir Trevor honoured at media awards

Former ITV newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald has been named Media Personality of the Year at the Race in the Media Awards.Despite Sir Trevor's win, the BBC took the bulk of awards at the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) awards at the Royal Opera House.

The BBC won 10 of the 20 titles, including Media Organisation and best Broadcast Soap, with the BBC Asian Network's Silver Street beating EastEnders and Coronation Street.Meera Syal's Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee won the corporation the TV Drama title, while BBC London News took the TV News category.

The BBC was also awarded the Film Documentary, Radio News, Radio Drama, Radio Factual and Youth awards. ITV won the TV Factual award for Poles Apart, an edition of Tonight with Trevor McDonald.But the broadcaster had only been nominated for one other award - Broadcast Soap, which was taken by the BBC - and as a result, went away with just the two gongs.Gee Walker, the mother of murdered black teenager Anthony Walker, and the Rt Rev John Sentamu, who became the Church of England's first black Archbishop last year, lost out to Sir Trevor in the Media Personality Award.

Judges credited the former newsreader with helping to "enlighten British people's understanding and awareness of race relations" through his "integrity and commitment to objective and fair reporting".CRE Chair Trevor Phillips said: "The UK's first black news anchor.

Excuse me but. . . . . Isn't this just the sort of thing that the CRE is supposed to stop. It would be only fair for the CRE to have a White Race in Black Media Award as well, otherwise this event stands out as a racist event specifically to high light the predudiced that exist within the CRE.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lloyd's TBS to offer Islamic banking

LONDON (Reuters) -
Lloyd's TSB joins a small but growing list of UK banks offering Islamic financial services, stating on Wednesday that it now offers sharia compliant current accounts and mortgages throughout the country.

"From today, Britain's two million Muslims will have access to current accounts and mortgages which comply with Islamic law (sharia), in every one of the bank's 2,000 branches," the bank said in a statement.

Devout Muslims who invest along sharia guidelines will not purchase assets that pay interest, or that derive profits from alcohol, pork or gambling.

Lloyd's TSB said more Islamic financial products will be introduced later this year, including an Islamic student account.

The move coincides with increased investor interest in Islamic finance, which globally is estimated to have a market size of anywhere between $200 billion and $400 billion (109 and 218 billion pounds).

The current account Lloyd's TSB is offering will have no credit interest and no overdraft facility, but does provide a debit card and does not charge a fee or require a minimum balance.

Lloyd's TBS Islamic account holders will also be able to access their money via ATM machines, the internet or telephone.

Under the terms of the Islamic mortgage on offer the bank buys the home on behalf of the customer, contributing up to 90 percent of the purchase price. The customer pays the remaining percentage upfront and pays the outstanding sum over an agreed term, together with a rental payment.

Excuse me but . . . . . . Investing involves laying out cash for funding business etc and getting a profit on that outlay. According to the Qur'an that is 'usury' and against Islamic principles as taught by the Prophet Mohamed. If you didn't work for it, it is not good.

Here in Saudi the Stock market was opened up last year to all Saudis. Ordinary people were borrowing SR50/1oo,000 to invest on the market. People were making a killing. Doubling their money in little over a week. Westerners were not allowed (a little racist thing they have here). When then the market started to fail, they began to loose big time. Westerners were invited in with open arms. I am sure that the idea was, let the westerners in to help the market recover. Take out Saudi money and leave the westerners to flounder. Is that the kind of Islamic banking Lloyd's are offering.

Saudi mortgages are really great. A Saudi can go to the bank and get a loan to build a house. The repayments don't have start till the house is finished. You you have no idea how many unfinished houses there are in Riyadh. Bet Lloyd's don't go down that route.

the sum paid for the use of money, hence interest; not, as in the modern sense,exorbitant interest. The Jews were forbidden to exact usury (Lev. 25:36, 37),only, however, in their dealings with each other (Deut. 23:19, 20). Theviolation of this law was viewed as a great crime (Ps. 15:5; Prov. 28:8; Jer.15:10). After the Return, and later, this law was much neglected (Neh. 5:7,10).
Source: Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sri Lankan Army Butchers

Excuse me but...........How can it be right that those who are there to ensure the security of the nation can think they are allowed to do this. I make no apology for publishing this story here in its entirety.


LA soldiers massacre family of four in Vankalai, Mannar
[TamilNet, June 09, 2006 04:47 GMT]

SLA soldiers armed with bayonets and knives entered the house of a family of four and slaughtered 35-year-old father, 27-year-old mother, 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son Thursday midnight in Vankalai, 12 km southeast of Mannar.

Eyewitnesses in the area, Thomaspuri Ward No 10 in Vankalai, have told Mannar Additional Magistrate that they could identify the soldiers involved in the massacre. Villagers alleged the mother was raped before the massacre. Tension prevails in Vankalai. Religious leaders including the Bishop of Mannar, parliamentarians and civil society members in Mannar have rushed to site. Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission officials have visited the massacre site.

The victims killed were: Mary Medaline (Chitra), 27, the mother, Moorthy Martin, 35, the father, Ann Nilxon, 7, the son and Ann Luxica, 9, the daughter. Martin was a carpenter by profession.

Soldiers have also used the carpenter tools to kill the victims. Bootprints and a military badge with star were found at the massacre site.

Bodies were discovered by fellow residents of the area, around 5.30 a.m., Friday morning, police sources said.

The family, once displaced as refugees in India, had returned during the Ceasefire and resettled in the village, the residents said.

Mannar Additional Magistrate T.J. Prabakaran visited the massacre site and ordered the Police to carry out investigations into the massacre

Villagers from Thomaspuri, Sukanthapuri and Bastipuri have started to flee from their villages.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cut non-payers' water to a trickle, Lords say

LONDON (Reuters) - Householders who refuse to pay their water bills should have their supply reduced to a trickle until they settle up, a House of Lords committee said on Tuesday.
Water companies were owed 962 million pounds last year, a level of debt the Lords Science and Technology Committee said was "completely unacceptable".

The committee also criticised the government over its plans to build thousands of homes in the southeast, the driest region of the country, saying it should have consulted more widely over the impact on water usage.

Research by regional utility South East Water had found that around two-thirds of customers owing it money could afford their bills. By not paying they were adding 10 pounds to every other customer's bill.

Disconnection for non-payment of domestic bills was banned in 1999, but the committee, chaired by Lord Selborne, said an alternative penalty could be partial disconnection, as practised in Australia.

"We saw in Australia a tamper-proof device which allows only a limited flow into the house, enough for basic health and safety needs, and we thought this was a rather good idea," he told BBC radio.

"I don't see why we should have to pay the bill for people who can pay but refuse to do so.
Consumer Council for Water spokesman Andrew Marsh said disconnection had been banned to protect vulnerable customers and told the BBC the committee's suggestion would be a retrograde step.

"It's very difficult to distinguish between 'can't pays' and 'won't pays,'" he said.
"There's a risk that vulnerable customers could be pulled in accidentally into the 'won't pay' category.

Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper said the government was not currently proposing to restrict supply for non-payment.

But she said consumers, as well as suppliers, regulators and planners had to take responsibility for water management.

Despite heavy rain in May, southeast England is facing its severest drought for a century, with many water companies enforcing restrictions on domestic water use.

On house-building, the Lords committee said the government had "failed to consider the water management implications of their house building plans at an early enough stage.

It said government should ensure that the water companies' plans factor in what would inevitably be a significant increase in demand.

Excuse me but ........ not paying your water bill is no different from not paying other bills.

More important WTF has it got to do with the government. They sold of f their interest in an effort to abrogate their responsibility.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Brown wants cap on public pay

By Sumeet Desai

LONDON (Reuters) - Chancellor Gordon Brown called on Monday for greater accountability in the public sector and said pay rises for its staff would be kept low for the next two years.

In a wide ranging speech to business leaders in London, Brown said Britain needs to keep making tough decisions on public sector pay and reforms if it is to cope with the challenges posed by globalisation.

"We must do more to encourage local and regional pay flexibility," said Brown, who is widely expected to succeed Prime Minister Tony Blair before the next election expected in 2009.

"With this year's public sector pay settlements averaging just 2.25 percent -- we are maintaining vigilance in the fight against inflation -- and next year and the year after that we will maintain this discipline of low overall settlements.

Brown also sought to soothe business fears that public sector reform would lose momentum under his premiership because unions might hold more sway with the 55-year-old Scot.
"We will continue to reform our public services: matching national objectives with other drivers of change -- competition and contestability and local choice and voice, including publicly available real time data," he said.

Excuse me but ........ The last time he said this MP's got a MASSIVE 26% pay rise. Who does he think he is kidding. You cannot get away from Globalisation but to expect an English civil servant to work for the same money as a Pakistani or Chinese is absolutely preposterous. Earth calling Planet Brown wake up!!!!!
And while we are here why is a Scot elected in his home country making decisions that affect Englishmen. What we need is our own government. England is the only country in the Union that does not have its own nation executive body.

Students "executed" as Iraq violence rages on

By Fredrik Dahl and Michael Georgy

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) - Gunmen in Iraq dragged 24 people, mostly teenage students, from vehicles and shot them dead, police said, as violence raged in the country on Sunday.

Iraqi leaders appeared deadlocked on naming new interior and defence ministers seen as critical to restoring stability in a country bloodied by relentless insurgent and sectarian killings.

Police said gunmen manning a makeshift checkpoint near Udhaim stopped cars approaching the small town 120 km north of Baghdad and killed passengers.

The victims included youths of around 15-16 years who were on their way to the bigger regional town of Baquba to write end of term exams, but also elderly men, they said.

"(The attackers) dragged them one by one from their cars and executed them," said a police official.

The killings took place in Diyala province, scene of frequent attacks by insurgents waging a campaign of bombings and shootings to topple the U.S.-backed, Shi'ite-led government.

Some tried to flee but were gunned down, a police source said. Reuters photographs showed six men shot in the chest, including one old man and five young men.

In Iraq's south, a Sunni religious group accused security forces in the Shi'ite-run city of Basra of killing 12 unarmed worshippers in a mosque early on Sunday, but police said they had returned fire and shot dead nine terrorists.

The incident came just hours after a car bomb killed 28 people in Basra, challenging a state of emergency declared by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to crack down on criminal gangs and Shi'ite factions whose feuding threatens oil exports.

It was among the worst violence Iraq's second city has seen since U.S.-forced invaded to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Communal violence has mounted throughout Iraq since the February bombing of a Shi'ite shrine, touching off a wave of revenge killings that sparked fears of civil war.

The United States, which has 130,000 troops in Iraq, hopes Maliki's broad coalition of majority Shi'ites and minority Sunnis and Kurds will be able to defuse the violence.

Excuse me but ..... If anyone thinks that this situation will not escalate if the troops leave they need their bumps felt.

In this neck of the woods life is cheaper than a tooth pick. These barbaric acts of violence are to become the norm. No one will be safe. Shi'ites hate the Sunnis, Sunnis hate the Shi'ites, there is no common ground not even Islam.

Chemical bomb suspects deny attack plot

By Michael Holden and Katherine Baldwin

LONDON (Reuters) - Two brothers suspected of plotting to make a chemical bomb for an attack in Britain have denied all accusations, their lawyers said on Sunday, as police continued to search their home.

The men, aged 23 and 20, were held during a dawn raid on Friday when more than 250 police officers, stormed their house in east London.

The 23-year-old brother was shot in the shoulder during the raid.

Specific intelligence had suggested the house might have been used to make a toxic bomb for an attack in Britain, police sources said.

"He says there's absolutely not a word of truth in any of it," the wounded brother's lawyer Kate Roxburgh told reporters. "He says the police are not going to find anything because there is nothing to find.

His brother's lawyer, Julian Young, said earlier his client had also denied he was involved in any terrorism plot, adding: "To date I have seen no evidence showing that he has been.

Both men are being questioned at London's top security Paddington Green police station after the wounded brother was moved there from hospital on Sunday.

Police said they were still concentrating their search on the suspects' house in Forest Gate, an ethnically mixed area with a sizable Muslim population. They searched the men's work places on Saturday.

Officers are looking for "some form of viable chemical device" that could kill -- a conventional bomb laced with toxic material, a police source told Reuters.

British firearms police have been under the spotlight since they shot dead an innocent Brazilian man, Jean Charles de Menenezes, in the weeks following last year's suicide attacks.

Young said the case struck him as similar to the Menenezes shooting.

Asan Rehman, a spokesman for a family arrested from a neighbouring house but then freed, told Reuters the two brothers, were Muslims and of Bangladeshi origin.

Excuse me but .......... 250 Police do not search a house with out good reason. This maybe a very 'touchy' place since July last year, but I cannot see that there was no cause for concern.

Bangladeshis are not the worlds richest people, but within hours of the raid their "team of legal advisors" were making claims that they could not possibly of substantiated. I don't understand why they need separate lawyers, unless the is a danger that one will "roll over" on the other.

Of course they would deny any involvement in any terrorist plot, wouldn't they?

And as for Julian Young saying that this is similar to the Menenezes shooting, maybe we should just revisit that case, Menenezes was not necessarily the angel his family would have you believe.

But who’d have guessed that an illegal alien, passport forger, tax-evader and general all-round crook like de Menenezes might also be a sexual predator? Not one of the seventeen-thousand-or-so of his cousins, that’s for sure.

Read the Menenezes link.

Given the information the the police had to hand I think it is a smart move to drop one of the suspects it brings the others under control.

Just because there is no evidence found all that really means is they can't be prosecuted.

There are times when the protection of the democracy is more important than the rights of a few.

They may be innocent. Then we should apologise.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prescott gives up free mansion

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair's loyal £130,000 salary and Dorneywood, the historic so-called "grace and favour" country mansion that came with his job.

Newspapers had another field day when he was then photographed playing croquet on the mansion's lawn during working hours. Several of Labour Party parliamentarians openly called for Prescott's resignation.

Prescott said he had told Blair he had personally decided he no longer wanted to use the house.

"I have accepted that my continued use of Dorneywood is getting in the way of doing my job in government," he said in a statement. "I am well aware that my use of it is now a subject of public controversy and criticism and a matter of concern amongst some MPs and the Labour Party.

Prescott, a former ship's steward and union activist, has been an asset to Blair for his gruff working-class background and the loyalty he brings from party stalwarts.
He made headlines when he punched a demonstrator who threw an egg at him on the campaign trail in 2001 national elections.

Excuse me but........ Now that John Prescott is not living there, what numpty is going to be 'given' that house or is the country going to have to pay for it's upkeep to keep it empty.

Of all the people that we could have as No 1 Prescott is the only one that would get my vote. At least you know that he will give good account of himself in a toe-to-toe stand up. Yeah sure he is rough around the edges, but he is one of the ordinary people.