Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Africa holds rich world to account

22/5/2006 5:14:31 PM

By Tom Ashby

ABUJA (Reuters) - Rock star Bono met Chancellor Gordon Brown at a run-down Nigerian primary school on Monday, as Africa moved to hold the rich world to account over promises to fund a "Marshall Plan" for the continent.

Some ceilings at Ido Sarki School, on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital, had collapsed and about 150 children crowded onto benches in one classroom, illustrating the scale of the task required for the poorest continent to deliver basic education to all within nine years.

"Education for every child is the most cost-effective investment the world could ever make," Brown said, adding that every extra year of schooling also had measurable impact on a country's health and prosperity.

African finance ministers invited Brown and Bono to a conference in Abuja where they followed up on last year's meeting of the Group of Eight rich nations which promised to double aid to Africa by 2010.

Development campaigners say the rich world is already falling behind on promises to fund a development plan on the scale of the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe after the Second World War.

Excuse me but......If I recall correctly a number of African nations have OIL. What are they doing to improve their lot. Precious bloody little it seems. They should not blame the western countries for the greed of their own government.

More oil dollars/aid dollars end up in private bank accounts than where it belongs, invested in the infrastructure and the people.

It is easier to blame someone else for your own short comings, than own up to the truth.

This story just takes the F****** biscuit.

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